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Threats To Modern Society's Saftey Essay

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There are many causes that threaten the security and safety of today's society. Some of the causes are unintentional, some are not. Some are caused by Mother Nature, while others may be carefully planned. While some can never be totally prevented, the amount of losses can be reduced by having a sound security program that analyzes each individual risk.Accidents are an unfortunate event caused unintentionally by a human agent. (Ortmeier, page 30.) These accidents are usually the result of employees or individuals failing to follow safety rules or just being careless. As a result accidents cost employers money and drive insurance premiums through the roof. To help protect both the employee and ...view middle of the document...

Security Managers can prevent most fires by providing fire safety training and preparing a fire response plan in case a fire actually breaks out.Natural disasters also fall under a Security Managers responsibility in combating safety and security threats. These disasters are caused by tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, landslides, tsunamis, coastal erosion, floods, storms, and extreme temperatures. All of these disasters have the potential to cause serious injuries, death, and disrupt business. Plans have to be in place to deal with the safe recovery of personnel, especially those who lose all personal property and loved ones. Personnel have to be dealt with quickly in order to re-establish business and order. Also the security manager must have a plan to deal with looters in order to prevent any unnecessary losses.Hazardous materials also pose a threat and are referred to as environmental disasters, or man-made disasters. Some examples are nuclear accidents, terrorist incidents, and the use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological weapons. (Ortmeier, page 34) All of these man-made disasters are caused by the human impact on the natural environment. As the human population grows, these accidents became more common, unless a detail safety and security plan is in place. These plans must include specific instructions on handling and dealing with toxic materials.When persons are harmed or injured, civil liabilities become a major concern to security. Unless a strict security and safety program is in place to address both work place conduct and safe business practices, companies could face significant civil lawsuits.Accidents, human error, natural disasters, and environmental disasters will never be completely preventable, but an effective prevention program can drastically reduce its impact by teaching people to analyze risk. Risk can be defined as the possibility of suffering harm or loss, exposure to the probability of loss or damage, an element of uncertainty, or the possibility that results of an action may not be consistent with the planned or expected...

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