Thoughts Of Learning Basketball Essay

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Thoughts of learning basketball
Basketball is my hobby and life. I can’t imagine if I could live without basketball. I should express thanks to my dad; he gave me the key of basketball and taught me a lot during the studying time. Due to playing basketball, I have learnt how to be strong, how to get friend, how to communicate, and how to facing problems.
When I was young, I was a quiet and shy little boy. I didn’t like to do any exercise because I thought it was boring and wasting, so I was shorter than my classmates. One day, I asked my dad, “How can I grow as fast as my classmates?” He laughed and told me he can help me if I really want to become taller. On a sunny Sunday, my father started to teach me playing basketball. My dad realized my face was gloomy, and then he explained to me, “Basketball is such an excellent exercise that can make you jump frequently to become a taller guy.” For this reason, I decided to learn carefully and play chronically. First of ...view middle of the document...

One day after I had handled basketball well, he talked to me very strictly, “no matter how good your basketball skill is, you should know that it is not one person’s game. Nobody can beat five people without their teammates.” These words are really impressive to me. I remember I used like to play one on one when I was controlling the ball. Sometimes, it works but I had to fight tooth and nails in every offensive. Obviously, our team could not win under that circumstance. Afterwards, I tried to play like a team as my father told me, passing the ball frequently, playing pick-and-roll for my teammates, giving assists more and more. It made me surprised that I felt very relaxed and comfortable in the following games.
What’s more, it's also the way I met a lot of my good friends that I have now. Whether they were on my team, the opposing team or just fans in the crowd who admired my play. Not only has basketball helped me gain friends, but basketball also taught me a lot about life. There are many aspects of life that coincide with basketball. For instance basketball is a team game and an individual game. Like in life you have to work together with other people. The communication skills I learned from basketball helped me communicate with friends, parents and bosses at work.

At last but not least, he gave me a spirit which is never gives up. When we play a competition with other teams, we always intend to win; however, the results are not always what we supposed to be, so it’s important to know what the real purpose of the game is. Although sometimes we cannot win as we supposed, we should do our best to win the game. Then, even if we lost, we won’t have any regrets leave behind. It’s easy to say but hard to do. When our score is falling behind another team, I always want to give up and comfort myself there’s another chance in the next game. Nevertheless, my dad told me I was wrong, no matter how formidable our opponents are, we still have the chance to beat them.
In conclusion, everyone has an idol when he was young, mine is my father. Not only did he teach me how to be a good basketball player, but also taught me how to be a good person. I’m really cheerful that I’ve leant how to play basketball. It is not just a sport to me; it is an attitude of life. Since then, I’ve never felt lonely and given up easily.

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