Thoughts And Feelings Of Those Suffering From Depression

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Depression is a mental illness. A person who suffers from depression is not lacking attention, to hurt anyone, or even to die. They don't consider suicide to be "the easy way out." To someone in the middle stage or end of a depression, it is the only way out!

Depression has several stages to it. It begins with negative self-talk. This is like having someone looking over your shoulder telling you every little thing you think and do is wrong. This is every thought, especially the one that no one else has any idea you're thinking. This becomes a torment that you are a failure and everything about you are simply a waste of human knowledge. You begin to feel that if you could start the day ...view middle of the document...

Family, friends, doctors...know one knows the hurt your going threw. You feel as if everyone hate you and it's all there fault that you are suffering. You know they're talking about you and you feel ashamed of what you have become an now you struggle to become normal again. Now you are sure that this loneliness is real and everyone felt this way from the beginning. It is so confusing because this is from within and feels as though this is really going on from the outside. For a young person or famous celebrity that is going through depression...Hiding it, ignoring the disease or blocking it from your memory is the best solution, so we feel!

By this time you're drowning in severe depression and the negative self-talk is more serious. You're having up and down mood swings, Sleeping, crying, not eating, losing weight, more rushing thoughts, more thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or others, your life is now starting to fall apart, so you think. You have uncontrollable feelings about people talking anguish about you behind your back. All these mixed feelings is starting to really mutilate your body, and you start to accept that it's a no win situation and you want out.

Suicide is a final attempt to stop the negative self-talk, the sleeping, crying and every other flaw in your life. All you want is answers of any kind...So when you pull the trigger or take the pills it will all stop and you can get on with your life. The hurt you feel from letting other people down and all the mistakes you've made will come to a pause. You can then look at life like it is frozen in time, waiting for a rewind to take place. You will walk through the room and be able to pick out the wrong things and make any corrections that you need. Then when all of the evil thoughts and deeds are taken care. Life will go on, it will be slower and more manageable because you are in control.

The thought of a depressed person is no way along the lines of actual death. You just want the noise and confusion to all stop. You don't want to hurt anymore, it is similar to a merry-go-round. You want to get off of this irritating and overwhelming feeling. You just want to be able to get on with life as you see normal in others. Your mind made you think that you will have a normal life like everyone else if you just simply commit suicide. It is so insane to have these feelings that it must be that simple. There is no difference between reality and fantasy at this time to someone who is suffering the severity of their depression. It has to be as simple as waking up from a bad dream and shaking it off. You will have to be allowed to fix everything once this is stopped. That would only be fair...For as much as they have...

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