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Thomas Hardy And Comedy Essay

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This essay is based on two short stories from Thomas Hardy these stories are Old Mrs Chundle and Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver. Thomas Hardy was an English Novelist. He was born on 2nd of June 1840 and passed away the 11th of January 1928. His stories are based in the Victorian Times. He wrote stories mainly for financial gain. He also was of an Anglican Religion and he was known for his Poetry. He wrote a book full of his poetry called Wessex Poetry in which he had wrote over 30 years.
The Victorian era was during the reign of Queen Victoria from June 1837 until her death in January 1901. This was a time where there was a class system. The class system is still widely used today ...view middle of the document...

We know that the story is told by a carts man because there is the use of “I” in the first sentence. A key point to all of this is that two of the women were lain down under some empty sacks and tarpaulins. Therefore is it very likely that all of the women would be airborne and leave the wagon. Firstly though
A type of comedy that we see very often is slapstick comedy this comedy is where it is physical with no dialogue. Examples of this could be Charlie Chaplin. We see this in both stories for instance when all of the women fall out of the cart, this is slapstick because there are physical attributions to this part. We also see slapstick comedy in Old Mrs. Chundle where Mrs. Chundle is sat at the front of the Church along with the Upper Classes. “The trumpet is aimed at a high angle, shone ad flashed in the sitter’s eyes” is a quote informing us that the ear trumpet is attracting unwanted attention Due to the fact that there is no dialogue in this scene so we can call this slapstick comedy. “It was a fine frosty morning in early winter, and he had not got far with his sermon when he became conscious of a steam rising form the bell mouth of the tube, obviously caused by Mrs. Chundle’s breathing at the lower end, and it was accompanied by a suggestion of onion stew” This is comedy because the Curate is having to suffer from Mrs. Chundle’s horrible breath. Though this would be of been accepted in that era this is because the only method of sustaining some oral hygiene was to clean your teeth with sticks. There were no breath fresheners or different types of mouthwash which you could find in any typical household these days. We can now class this as slapstick comedy because there is no dialogue in this scene. Therefore we can see two scenes of slapstick comedy.
We see a couple of examples of mockery during the two stories. We see many examples of this in Old Mrs. Chundle. One of these examples is when the curate has to endure the smell of Mrs. Chundle’s breath. He refers to her breath as onion stew, and therefore is mocking her quite some extent. We also see the curate analysing the smell to himself using short snippets of monologue. The curate says “(“It’s not onions; it’s peppermint,”)” and so we can see here the curate mocking Mrs. Chundle’s breath. Another example is where the...

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