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Thomas Green Case Essay

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The main players
• Frank Davis (28)-Senior market specialist
o 17 year veteran and Dynamic Displays
o Held positions as an account executive, market specialist, and senior market specialist with the travel and hospitality division
o Currently the marketing director for the travel and hospitality division
• Thomas Green (45)- Marketing director
o In march 2007 join dynamic displays as an account executive in their travel and hospitality division
• Currently the divisions senior market specialist for the eastern region of north America
• Shannon McDonald- Divisional Vice President
o Reports to the CEO and president
o Promoted in November of 2006 as the division VP
o Responsible for ...view middle of the document...

I think this group needs a fresh perspective. However, I do have a couple of reservations about your lack of managerial experience. You have only held sales roles, and the senior market specialist position is very different. This new job will require you to think strategically as well as tactically, and you will have to coordinate between several different functions and layers of corporate management. I am hoping you compensate for your lack of experience by seeking out guidance from some of our more seasoned managers”
Thomas Greens Responsibility as a Senior Market Specialist
• Responsible for identifying industry trends, evaluating new business opportunities, and establishing sales goals. Specialists developed general market and specific client strategies to help the account executives obtain a sale.
After Greens Promotion
• Frank Davis had expected to choose the new senior market specialist and it was not supposed to be Green
• Davis expectation of green ( BEFORE THE BUDGET PLAN MEETING)
o Provide marketing data for clients
o Spend significant amount of time preparing for client meetings and developing supporting detail for your proposal
o Start developing some new market strategies for your region soon
• Greens personal life got in the way
• Budget plan meeting: Davis presented sales projections for the upcoming year (October 8)
o Numbers were developed without Greens input.
o Davis estimated 10% growth in the eastern region
o Green called Davis out stating this growth is unrealistic. However, Frank stopped Green in the hall and explained the opportunities in the market
Meeting with Frank Davis (performance review 1)
• Critique of Green
o Not keeping Davis inform of his schedule
• Not updating outlook nor answering the phone
• Not sending a brief report on the new opportunity in Tampa
o Not following requests from davis
• Why VIP hotel group had not purchased any of our kiosks
• Still did not receive it after three reminders
• No updates regarding Journey Airlines
• No organizational charts on two clients...

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