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Thomas Green Essay

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Thomas Green Paper
Cotina Taylor
Grand Canyon University-LDR 610
August 15, 2012

Thomas Green Paper
A person’s success in the organization not only depends on his or her personality but it is also based on how well he or she resolves conflicts. To successfully manage interpersonal relationships in the corporate world the power and influential structures have to be understood within the organization. Developing effective work relationships can cause satisfaction, high job performances and avoidable conflicts. This case study is an excellent example of how work styles and politics within the organization can result in a career crisis.
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Davis wanted to keep track of the assignments that he had given Green. He also felt that Green was not keeping up with the tasks that were assigned to him. Green seemed to have a hard time adapting to his new position, because he was so concerned with having high selling achievement he failed to observe his surroundings. Green did not agree and felt the need to voice his opinions about Davis, but he did so outside the company (Sasser 2008). He did not know how to explain his side to McDonald. Green did not have enough experience as a manager so he was not able to deal with the issues from a long term point of view. This is one of the main reasons Green avoided interactions with Davis instead of trying to prove himself and repair the relationship with Davis after he criticized him (Sasser 2008). When working in an organization trust has to be established. The Dynamic Displays environment lacked trust. Frank Davis and Thomas Green both believed they had the skills and qualities to perform their jobs. Davis becomes dependant on Green because in order for Davis to perform his job he needs the input from Green. Green and Davis both have different working styles and their personalities are also different. When Davis interacts with the clients he uses proposals and has data to back up his information. He does this to give his clients his clients a better view of what they are investing in (Sasser 2008). Thomas is considered to be very intelligent and talented. Thomas and Davis both displayed individual power over one another causing major conflict in their relationship. It even caused them to not complete assignments, which led to war outside the organization. Thomas Green was a high performer and could have been a very influential leader if he had been properly trained. He was a good communicator and his intuition was good. Davis seemed to be straight and to the point and he also was accustomed to the politics at that management level. He works very smart to get the job done the most effective and efficient way. Through position power Davis was able to point out Green’s shortcomings.
Power and politics are seen throughout everyday life. Power and politics are influential in most organization around the world. Power is...

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