This Was Part Of A Report On The Way The E Mail Revolution Has Affected Other Methods Of Communication Such As Telephone Conversations And Writing Letters

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Many people bemoan the email revolution, complaining that it has replaced letter-writing, which they see as a superior form of communication. A few very important question can be asked about this statement. Could it be a difference of opinions between the old generation and the new generation? Could it be that one is simply easier then the other? Or could it be both? The debate goes on in which many people make a good case that the more technology makes our lives easier, the more our education goes down.In today's world, writing letters to other people is "old fashioned" to many people. To many people writing letters is more of a suspense to read. It gives a lot more meaning to what the ...view middle of the document...

There are phones in every single nation in the world, and its basically the only way the poor can speak to their families. It is highly recommended that if you cant talk to someone face to face, you speak to them on the phone. Many people think speaking on the phone shows more respect. It is also good to be able to hear the other person, and be able to keep a very active conversation going. Also, if you say something wrong, you can correct yourself quickly. The bad part about using a phone is the fact that you might have spoken in a tone that you didn't mean for it to come out to. You can also speak for too much and be charged hundreds of dollars a month for talking too much. That is especially dangerous for cell phone users, where cell phone companies can rob you while you don't know you are over the minutes you are allowed to use. If your family member is in the hospital, the telephone is the best method to communicate to other family members to tell them about the situation ASAP. But, if you talk to your boss on the phone, and you use a sarcastic tone with him, which you didn't mean to do, your job can be in serious jeopardy.One of the newest part of the "big 3" of communication is the internet. It is by far the easiest way to get a message across to a group of people. You can send the same message to hundreds of people, and within one minute all those people would have received your message. You simply type and click send, and there goes your message....

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