This Paper Will Be Using Sculptural And Ceramic Illustrations Provided By Soltes, Explain The Evolution From Geometric Greek Art Into Classical Greek Art, Culminating With The Construction And Decoration Of The

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This paper will be using sculptural and ceramic illustrations provided by Soltes, explain the evolution from Geometric Greek art into Classical Greek art, culminating with the construction and decoration of the Parthenon (The Temple of Athena). It will discuss what social, cultural/historic events accompanied and promoted this evolution.

Greek art and sculpture has had a profound effect throughout the ages. Many of the styles have been reproduced and copied by some of what the modern day audiences would class as some of the finest artists to have ever lived. The Greeks used many different types of materials in their sculptures including stone, marble and limestone as ...view middle of the document...

The only thing that was yet to emerge from this newly burgeoning Greek passion for the arts was the solid stone statue.

The Temple of Athena, the Parthenon, is now a ruin lying atop the Acropolis of Athens. The Parthenon was built to house a huge gold and ivory statue of the goddess Athena, patron of the polis of Athens. The polis was the Greeks' distinctive political formation which was a walled town with surrounding villages and countryside, and politically independent of its neighbors. The high place of a polis, which was called the acropolis, was the site of shrines to locally important gods. Its decorative sculptures are considered some of the high points of Greek art. The Parthenon is regarded as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece and of ancient democracy and one of the world's greatest cultural monuments.
Parthenon is in front of all the other monuments of Greek architecture for the combination of judiciousness and his brashness, brilliance and simplicity. The balance of these elements, perfection of composition, is related certainly with the maturity of thought of Pericles, his democratic policy and his faculty in the choice of executants...

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