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This Paper Is About Why The 1920's Was An Influencial Decade

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Why the 1920=s Was One of The Most Influential DecadesAIt was during what we might call the Flapper period, or the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties that American popular culture began to capture the imagination of the worldY[America] was inventing its own modernityY@(Mulvey 2). The 1920=s was a time of drastic change in several areas of American culture. Changes occurred because of the new role of women, new kinds of entertainment, a new philosophy about money, and prohibition. The combination of all of these factors made the 1920=s the most dominant decade of the millennium.Among the uproar with the flapper and young American girls= rebelliousness, American women were making advances in ...view middle of the document...

They were enjoying new economic and sexual freedoms in the prosperous years that immediately followed World War I (Women 11). Women began to wear their skirts shorter, their hair shorter and their look was definitely one that the old-fashioned parents didn=t approve of. While, women in the past had always kept their hair long and flowing, women of the 1920=s made short and bouncy the latest rage. This new hair cut was called a Abob@. To put it simply, the daughters of the early feminists were more interested in smoking, drinking, going without corsets, bobbing their hair, reading daring literature, and dancing the Charleston (Women 11). Women who followed this new look and believed in this new state of mind was called Flappers. The flapper symbolized an age anxious to enjoy itself, anxious to forget the past, anxious to ignore the future (Chastenet 1). In 1922, women were arrested for Aindecent exposure@ if too much of their legs were showing while wearing a bathing suit (Hakim 42).The old-fashioned elders in America did not think that the actions of the so called AFlapper@ were ones that would promote a good name for woman and tried to fight this change in morality. At the same time, some of the elders didn=t approve of the flapper=s action but they did approve of the women fighting for gender equality.With the growing popularity of major magazines and newspapers, radio was also becoming a big hit. Radios did not only broadcast the news, people also had radio shows, as there are now television shows. The radio became the newest method for of mass communication. In March of 1920, the radio station WGI in Boston because the first station to have regularly scheduled radio broadcasts (1920 2). Even new slang was associated with the introduction of radio. Words like Aairwaves@, Aradio audience@, and Atune in@ became common to hear in everyday conversation. In 1926, three corporations B General Electrics (GE), Westinghouse and the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) B formed the first radio network, the National Broadcasting Corporation, or NBC. A year later, the Columbia Broadcasting System, or CBS was formed. By 1930, forty percent of the United States population had radios in their house (The Americans 625).Besides this new obsession with radios, there were many new developments in the movie industry. People like Charlie Chaplin, who was one of the first comedic stars, and Tom Mix, who was best known for his appearances in western films, became big stars in the silent film industry. Americans soon became infatuated by the physical attractiveness of female stars like Theda Bara and Clara Bow. By 1925, filmmaking had become the nation=s fourth largest industry. The first motion picture with synchronized sound opens in 1926. This movie was called Don Juan and stared John Barrymore (Hakim 41). In 1927, the first Atalkie@ was released. A Atalkie@ is a film in which the characters actually talk instead of having the words flashed on the screen. The first...

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