This Paper Discuses The Formation Of An Enemy And How It Is Represented In Dante's "Divine Comedy" And Melville's "Moby Dick". Along With Citations

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Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This phrase is one that we have all heard at some point or another, but what does it really mean to have an enemy or to be the enemy of someone. In many cases a person won't even know he is someone's enemy till that someone tries harming him. While in other cases the individuals won't even know each other because they will be fighting a war and all they now is that they are to fight Communists or Terrorists. Before going straight ahead and labeling someone your enemy have you ever stopped and thought what it was you really were doing or why you were doing it? I think that having enemies gives us a way to deal with the others. Rather than ...view middle of the document...

Males historically, traditionally, cinematographically, and in this case even biologically are more prone to competing with each other and forming enemies. Biologically speaking males and females are obviously different but it's not only their external genetalia that make them different. When it comes to reproduction males have an unlimited supply of sperm and females have a limited supply of eggs, but females can only be fertilized once and only by one male. Barash describes this as asymmetric competition: males compete with other males to employ their cheap, abundant sperm to fertilize the valuable, relatively rare eggs produced by females (Barash 59). This is disconcerting because the males who succeed in mating with the females have to be bigger, rougher, and more violent to win over the other males. Therefore if we take Darwin's evolutionary theories to be true only the more aggressive males will be able to spread their seed and have offspring. This growth of aggressive behavior and construction of enemies is only finite because at one point all the weak males will have been defeated and the future generations will all be equally strong and not able to kill each other. Also when it comes to the formation of enemies, the formation related to the sexual aspect of animals is limited to within a species. This competition isn't just limited to animals and their sexual relationships; it can be applied to humans in many circumstances.In this day and age none of us can say that we haven't experienced violence. With the atrocious acts of September 11th, 2001 we have all seen the extent to which a group of individuals will go to bring harm to their enemies. These men found a justification to their actions in their religion, when in actuality no such justification exists. So then what is it that drove these men to make our passenger planes into flying human filled bombs? Instead of just dismissing these men as being insane we should look more closely at something they have all have in common. The answer isn't as complicated as you may think; it's not their childhood background, ethnicity, or their ages, it's the fact that they were all males. It's not merely their gender that led them to do what they did; there are several things that come with being a man in today's world. Society places pressure on males to stand up for what they believe in and defend the honor of their families and religion. Specifically talking about the terrorists of September 11th, they all belonged to a group which held certain views and loyalty was a big factor of being in that group. If the men disobeyed their orders they would've been ostracized by their people and looked at as being disloyal and a coward. Is there a definite answer though to why males commit violent acts and seek out adversaries? Some anthropologists and scientists agree with Darwin's evolutionary theory that the traits are passed genetically from dominant male to offspring (Foakes 45) A second theory...

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