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This Lab Experiment Essay

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This lab experiment consisted in locating the metacentric point in order to test the buoyancy stability of a lab pontoon under certain circumstances. The metacenter is the point of intersection of the buoyant force and the center of gravity. In order to verify the stability conditions of an immersed body is necessary to locate its metacentric point. One of the conditions is that when the center of ...view middle of the document...

When the center of gravity is above the center of buoyancy, the location of metacentric Height is lower. In our experiment everytime there was a change on the position of mass that would increase the angle of tilt, the metacentric height and the position of mass would move to more than 0.05 m ,thus the metacentric height would be increase, however the possibility for the pontoon to tip would also increase significantly.

● Conclusion:

The apparatus remained stable throughout the experiment. Data recorded for the metacentric point was obtained from theoretical and experimental formulas using two different centers of gravity, 0.075 m and 0.125 m. Although the position of mass changed with each trial, the metacentric point remained closely the same experimentally, averaging 0.09 m and 0.03 m respectively. The metacentre for both centers of gravity were 0.0707m and 0.113 m.

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