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This Is The Dark Time My Love

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This is the dark time my love
Themes: War, power and authority/lack of freedom
Tones and Moods: anxiety pressure and fear
Metaphor: brown beetles
"This is the Dark Time My Love" is poem that deals with cruelty and the pain and suffering of war
The repetition of the line ‘This is the dark time, my love’ emphasizes on what a dreadful and fearful time it was. They were almost there, almost free of the British hold.
Even Mother Nature herself was aware of the struggle: ‘The shining sun is hidden in the sky. Red flowers bend their heads in awful sorrow’
* 'brown beatles' refers the tankers.
'Red flowers bend their heads.....' this is to show that ...view middle of the document...

The ‘dim’ image seen through ‘thick green light’ may be the effect of the gas but may also refer to the fact that Owen is seeing the man through the eye-piece of his own gas mask. 
‘like a devil’s sick of sin’ l.20.The implications for pain and loathing here are dark. The man’s face is compared to that of a devil, who is itself horrified by - and surfeited with - evil.
‘Obscene as cancer’ l.23. Owen presents us with a short brutal comparison. Like cancer the killer, the man’s blood is an obscenity; something which should not to be seen. It is as offensive to the sight as is death by drowning in poison gas.
‘Bitter as the cud / Of vile incurable sores...’ l. 24. Owen uses a farming image (‘cud’ is the bitter tasting, regurgitated, half-digested pasture chewed by cattle) that equates humans with animals, as well as conveying the acidic burning effect of the man’s blood which has been degraded by the gas inhalation
Themes: Death

Visual Imagery: Bent double
Oxymoron: an ecstasy of fumbling
Irony: we turned our backs
Diction: I saw him drowning
And flound’ ring like a man in fire or lime

The title of the poem, which also appears in the last two lines, is Latin for, "It is sweet and right to die for one's...

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