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This Is An Exemplification Essay About Laws Which I Disagree With Including: The Smoking Ban, The Cell Phone Ban While Driving, And The Drinking Age Which Should Not Be 21

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William ControGilmartinCollege Writing 213 October 2003Unjust LawsAmericans take pride in knowing they live in a democratic country that ensures freedom, but how true is this assumption? What exactly is freedom today and how does it affect us? The Webster's English Dictionary defines freedom as "The state of being able to act without hindrance or restraint, liberty of action". The truth of the matter is that America is not a completely free nation. Every year new laws get passed that are intrusions on our daily lives.One law, which I strongly disagree with, is the smoking ban. New York residence can no longer smoke in bars, restaurants, offices and covered outdoor patios. The government should not have the right to tell independent businesses how to operate. Although second hand smoke is harmful, ...view middle of the document...

In theory, some accidents are caused by people talking on their cell phones but "statistics are scant regarding cell phone safety" (Kilgannon 14Ll.1). Most people don't normally drive with two hands on the wheel anyway so it shouldn't matter what is in that extra hand. Cell phones are only one distraction from driving, like eating or smoking. That is why it is absurd to single them out as a major problem.The drinking age is yet another restriction on the American lifestyle. At the age of eighteen, a person has the right to vote, buy cigarettes and go to war but he or she still can't have an alcoholic drink. This is ridiculous; if I am old enough to be tried as an adult in court I should be responsible enough to consume alcohol. Not only is this law absurd, its discriminatory based on age. "Seventy percent of college students who live away from home and drink are binge drinkers" (Marklein, 7d). Teenagers would probably not drink alcohol as much if it were not forbidden. Instead of letting the government decide what age is old enough, this issue should be approached in a different way. Parents should be allowed to teach their children to drink responsibly.Although America is a democracy there are too many laws that restrict what we can and cannot do. Slowly our rights are being taken away. Thomas Jefferson once stated, "The best government is one that governs the least", yet we now see the most persnickety intrusions into daily life. How many more liberties are Americans willing to give up, in order to really be free?Works CitedHaughney, Christine. "New York's Barkeeps." The Washington Post 3 Jun. 2003: A.03.ProQuest. Medaille College.Kilgannon, Corey. "Hands Off." New York Times 24 Dec. 2000: 14Ll.1. ProQuest.Medaille College. , Buffalo, NY. 11 Nov. 2003Marklein, Mary Beth. "Efforts Fail." USA Today 25 Mar. 2002: 7d. Ebscohost. MedailleCollege. , Buffalo, NY. 11 Nov. 2003

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