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This Is An Essay For Ethics Class On What Moral Theories I Would Adopt And Follow

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Over the 3 week duration of the course I learned many theories that tried to provide answerers on the search for good and evil. Kant's theory on deontology, Freud's theory on psycho egoism and self deception Theory of Ethical conventionalism, Theory on human and nature centered ethics, Ethical pluralism and many more. If I had to choose any of the theories that I learned in class it would be the theory of ethical conventionalism, and Kant's theory on deontology.I would choose ethical conventionalism because the theory reduces moral values to the conventions of groups, their customs, laws, and their habits approved by society. There are several parts to Ethical conventionalism. Arguments about group authority, Sheer ...view middle of the document...

The tolerance argument focuses on having respect and tolerance for other cultures and their beliefs. The reason I agree with Ethical conventionalism is because it focuses on how things are done today as well as in the past and have always been done. Every culture has their own beliefs, now many cultures have all adapted most of the same basic beliefs. Societies are built by individuals and rely on the actions of individuals within a society for that society to survive.I would also choose Kant's theory on deontology. His theory involves duties, duty t respect others, act on universal principles, and to respect yourself, and inorder to be moral you must do your duties in good will at all times in life. I believe people should always have respect for everyone at all times in their lives. In order to respect someone else though you must have self respect without that it would be imposable. Without respecting yourself and others you would not be doing your duty and could not be moral. According to the categorical imperative you must do the duties at all times. Sometimes duties my conflict though, According to Kant's theory there is no conflicting duties. W.D. Ross stepped in and introduced prima facie duties. According to Ross when duties conflict you must look at the conflict, if the conflict can not be resolved by using duty ethics you must over look your duties and do what is right in the situation. According to Kant it would be against your moral duties to take a life at any time because it would go against your duties, But if you go by prima facie it would be ok if the life was worth taking meaning if it were to serve a greater purpose or if your life or someone around you is threatened and you must kill someone it would be ok.

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