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This Is An Essay About Medeival Medicine

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In medieval times, if the person had a broken arm, the physician would tie chives around the limb in hopes that this would take away the pain, or if a patient came in with pneumonia, the herbalist might give them some flat-leaved parsley to eat.1 Today, if someone were to go to a physician who prescribed those treatments, they would either laugh or file a complaint, because they know that those cures are ridicules and would never work. The truth: these odd ways to alleviate pain and suffering would not work, which means they should never have been used on the patients. If surgery had never happened in medieval times, then perhaps there would not have been as many deaths, and if doctors ...view middle of the document...

There are many depictions of an assistant holding down a patient during the procedure because of the pain.4 For these reasons, surgery would not have benefited the patients, as it would have caused them more pain and often without fixing the initial problem. All of these three things show how painful and problematic surgery could have been for their patients. Many times these painful procedures even led to the death of the people undergoing the surgery more often than it led to health.Many times during surgeries, people would die. In some cases, when attempting to ease the pain of their patients, Doctors killed them instead. For example, some patients were given a drink to alleviate the pain, which included hemlock juice, but this drink itself proved to be lethal.5 Also, such intense pain had other consequences. Often times the person undergoing surgery would pass away or go into shock just because the pain was so intense.6 Lastly, some of the procedures were not curing many of the patients pain, but just causing more. Surgeons were often not as educated as they should have been, and from time to time they would undertake an operation that was not even necessary.7 Surgery only caused the citizens much pain instead of giving them the help they desperately needed.Overall, the people who lived during this era would have been much better off without surgery. Most medical procedures of that day were not beneficial to the patients, and caused many deaths. Without these surgeries, many lives may have been spared. Although people were sick, often times they would have been much better off living with their illnesses, due to the large amount of infection and death that it associated with the surgeries. This was one of the many reasons that citizens in the medieval times would have been much better off without medical care.Also, many diagnoses in the Middle Ages were not correct, which was another area of malpractice during these times. When patients go to see their family doctor, they expect to find out what is causing their illness, and also how they can fix it, but during this time period, this was often not the case. Many people would go to their doctors and the doctor would misdiagnose their illness, or not be able to determine what was wrong at all. Doctors had no concrete ways of finding out what was causing their patient's pain or suffering. Most frequently, Doctors would examine the patient's urine to determine what was wrong .8 In many instances today urine is used to help decide the health problem, but they did not have the technology then to use it then.Technology is a part of diagnosing medicine, and without it, finding a disease or illness's identity would be very difficult. Also, Doctors had no idea that bacteria and viruses that caused disease existed, but thought that things such as astrology and religions caused diseases. It was thought that if a person were not doing well with their religious life, then they would probably contract a...

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