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This Is Absolutely No Essay

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Theories of Personalities | Conscious | Unconscious | Biological | Social Influences | Similarities | Uniqueness |
Freud: Psychoanalysis | Even though we are aware of our daily actions, we are still motivated with the actions of our unconscious and still be guided with the dream analysis. | He believed that everything from slips of the tongue to religious experiences is the result of a deep-rooted desire to satisfy sexual or aggressive desire and drives. | As Physician, he viewed the human personality from the heredity concept as he trained medical outputs. He believed that infantile fantasies and anxieties are also rooted in biology. | Even if he frequently speculated about the ...view middle of the document...

Theories of Personalities | Conscious | Unconscious | Biological | Social Influences | Similarities | Uniqueness |
Jung: Analytical Psychology | Though people are not completely responsible for their actions but they have limited capacity to control forces beyond their control. Unconscious and consciously, people have control over their personality. | Unconscious people have control over their personality.Though people are not completely responsible for their actions but they have limited capacity to control forces beyond their control. | Due to the collective unconscious is a part of our biological inheritance, the theory leans much more on biological factor. | Strongly believes in the direction of biology. The collective unconscious is part of the social inheritance influences. | Freud’s medical training disposed him to see human personality from a biological viewpoint. He also believed that infantile fantasies and anxieties are rooted biologically. | His individual psychology is high on uniqueness among people due to his study concerning the human culture |
Klein: Object Relations Theory | | The object relations theorists traced the prime determinants of behavior to very early infancy, a time before verbal language. Thus people acquire many personal traits and attitudes on a preverbal level and remain unaware traits. | Klein emphasize that placing death instinct and phylogenetic endowment would seem to suggest that she saw biology as more important than environment in shaping personality. | Klein shifted her emphasis from Freud’s biologically interest to an interpersonal one. Since the intimacy and nurturing process that infants receive from their mother are environmentally experienced. | As the theorists discuss, they limit their discussions to the distinction between healthy personalities, and pathological ones. | Later views on this theory limited their discussions to the distinction between healthy and neurotic personalities and were little concerned of diff, among healthy people |
Theories of Personalities | Conscious | Unconscious | Biological | Social Influences | Similarities | Uniqueness |
Horney: Psychoanalytic Social theory | Horney believed that most human have only limited consciousness on their motives. For example, neurotics have little understanding of them and don’t see their behaviors guarantee the continuation of their neurosis. | Coaching in socially acceptance, Horney labeled the remaining largely unaware of mind as basic conflicts, self-hatred, neurotic needs, neurotic pride, neurotic claims, and the need of vindictive triumph. | Horney did not neglect biological factors completely; she still believes that psychological differences between men and women are less in anatomy compared to social and cultural expectations. | In this theory, she believed that the Oedipus complex and penis envy of men and women are shaped by the social factors and forces. She strongly proposed on social influences. | Since...

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