This Is A Very Brief Biography On Sir William Ramsay I Wrote Is For My Chemistry Class... 3 Pages

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Ramsay, Sir William. 15 Feb,1997Ramsay, Sir William." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2007. Encyclopedia BritannicaOnline. 21 Feb. 2007 .William Ramsay. 15 Feb 2007SIR WILLIAM RAMSAYWilliam Ramsay was born in Glasgow on October 2, 1852, the son of William Ramsay and Catherine Robertson. He was a nephew of the geologist, Sir Andrew Ramsay.Until 1870 he studied in his native town, following this with a period in Fittig's laboratory at Tubingen until 1872. While there his thesis on orthotoluic acid and its derivatives earned him the degree of doctor of philosophy.On his return to ...view middle of the document...

Led to the conclusion by different paths and, at first, without working together, both Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay succeeded in proving that there must exist a previously unknown gas in the atmosphere. They subsequently worked in their separate laboratories on this problem but communicated the results of their labors almost daily. At the meeting of the British Association in August 1894, they announced the discovery of argon.While seeking sources of argon in the mineral kingdom, Ramsay discovered helium in 1895. Guided by theoretical considerations founded on Mendeleev's periodic system, he then methodically sought the missing links in the new group of elements and found neon, krypton, and xenon (1898).Yet another discovery of Ramsay (in conjunction with Soddy), the importance of which it was impossible to foresee, was the detection of helium in the emanations of radium (1903).With regard to the scientific honors which - besides the Nobel Prize have been awarded to Ramsay, mention can be made of a great number of honorary memberships, such as of the Institut de France, the...

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