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This Is A Response On The Essay "Inside The Bunker" Which Was Written About Halocaust Deniers

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In his essay, "Inside the Bunker", John Sack successfully portrays his view of the Holocaust deniers and his opinions on the consequences and causes of important issues such as hate, persecution, and denial. Because Sack is able to minimize the distance between himself and the implied reader, he is able to effectively convey his message. The reader first learns that Sack is Jewish, which instantly creates sympathy for him, since the deniers refuse to believe that the Germans murdered six million people of his culture. In the opening paragraph, Sack's honesty is also expressed as he describes his frustrations with the conference, referring to it as "the central asylum for the delusion that ...view middle of the document...

Sack quickly dismissed this defense with Charles Provan's evidence that the holes once existed, causing an even more harmful effect since Provan was once considered a respected revisionist. Also degrading to the revisionists is that Sack refers to the group as either deniers or "people who say the Holocaust didn't happen" (280). Both of these titles infer that the revisionists are not to be taken seriously and that they do not have a valid case for their beliefs. While the author does demean the deniers in some aspects, Sack does go out of his way to depict the normality of the revisionists, describing them as "open-minded, intelligent, intellectual" (282). Also, Sack acknowledges the persecution the deniers must face for their beliefs. "Denying the Holocaust can get you five years while denying God can get you just one" (289). In the deniers' defense, Sack contrasts the open-mindedness of the conference with the hatred found in Jewish leaders such as Edgar Bronfman who was quoted as saying, "I'm teaching a whole generation to hate millions of Germans"(292). No matter how negative or positive the article proved to be for revisionists, its most effective feature was the publicity it brought to revisionism.Sack mentions Jakob Böhme's theory that "nothing becomes manifest...

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