This Is A Paper I Did For Debating. It Argues About About Coke And Other Soft Drinks, Their Affects And The Need For Kids To Consume

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Some kids claim that they need a Coke to start off the day. Many students include a soft drink as part of their lunch at school. Or at the end of a long school day, at the soft drink machine, students line up to buy cans of cola. It is also very common to grab a can out of the fridge to drink with your dinner. Does this sound like your lifestyle? See how quickly it can add up?Soft drinks are more popular than coffee, tea and juice combined. In fact one of every four beverages consumed today is a soft drink. Averaging out to over 56 gallons of soft drinks per year for every man, woman and child.But did you know that soft drinks pose many health risks, both because of what they contain (for ...view middle of the document...

Why do you think that they are given the name, "liquid candy?"Because of this we are not compensating for the extra calories by cutting back on food and that is why it is double and you become obese.Soft drinks may also contribute to dental problems, kidney stones, and heart disease. Additives may cause behavioral problems, and allergic reactions and may increase slightly the risk of cancer.A regular soft drinks promotes tooth decay because they bathe the teeth of frequent consumers in sugar-water for long periods of time during the day.Kidney (urinary) stones are one of the most painful disorders to afflict humans and one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. A three year study of over 1,000 men with a history of kidney stones showed: "There was a clear-cut difference in the group's experiences, with much less renal colic in the men who had avoided soft drinks. Of those who continued to use soft drinks, there was also a big difference in outcome depending upon the nature of the soft drink consumed. Soft drinks acidified with phosphoric acid were the worst offenders. Colas of all kinds, of course, are well known for their high phosphoric acid content.All kinds of soft drinks are very acidic, especially colas. In order to neutralize a glass of cola, it takes 32 glasses of high ph alkaline water." It is well known by the medical profession that disease loves acid. In fact, a physician from Loma Linda University said in a speech that if we could get our cells to maintain a normal ph (slightly alkaline), cancer could not grow in our bodies."Cancer is like a plant cell; it can't live in an oxygen-rich environment. cola drinks make our bodies poor in oxygen. The average person is consuming 800 Or more soft drinks annually.Cola drinks contain caramel coloring which, according to some researchers, has genetic effects and is a cancer-causing suspect. Polyethylene glycol is used as an ingredient sometimes. Glycol is used in anti-freeze in automobiles and as an oil solvent. Perhaps you have noticed that pouring cola drinks on your windshield in a snow or ice storm will keep the windshield from freezing over with ice.Caffeine an additive in soft drinks, can cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and rapid heart beat. Caffeine causes children who normally do not consume much caffeine to be restless and fidgety, develop headaches, and have difficulty going to sleep. Also, caffeine's addictiveness may keep people hooked on soft drinks.Soft drink companies are among the most aggressive marketers in the world. They have used advertising and many other...

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