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This Is A Man's World Essay

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This is a Man’s World

This is a Man’s World
War is mentally and physically straining. When a country goes to war it depends on its military to be up for any challenge war has to offer. 50 years ago the thought of a woman joining the ranks were laughable; today it is a reality. Women have proved that they can doubtfully be called the weaker gender, and recently have been able to serve in combat roles. Combat roles are the most dangerous and physically demanding roles the United States military has to offer. When a soldier signs up for this role they understand that they will be put on the frontline and in the line of fire from the enemy. Nature has made women physically weaker and less ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, if this becomes reality our frontline will become slow and vulnerable to the enemy.
Secondly, there are many health issues women are endangered to. Research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shows that women that train hard every day increases the chances of infertility (Hard). Women also have problems with their menstrual cycles. Women that become pregnant while being deployed must return home as quickly as possible. Soldiers in combat roles may have to stay in a location for weeks before any help can reach them. Women that become pregnant are jeopardizing their health, their baby’s health, and the mission. When I was in the military my company would go out on training missions. During this time the men would not be able to shower for days. The women were able to leave and go shower every two days. The men in my company felt that this was very unfair. I asked one my female friends why they were allowed to do this. She told me it was because, if they did not clean, it could cause serious rashes and other bacterial infections. As I stated before soldiers on combat roles may have to stay in a location for days; this includes without showering. So without showers, women are putting themselves at-risk.
Lastly, sexual harassment is one of the biggest problems plaguing the military. A 2012 Defense Department survey of anonymous respondents found that about 26,000 service members said they were the victim of some type of unwanted sexual contact or assault 85% of them being women (Steele, 2014). Women represent a minority in the military. When I was in the military my company comprised of 200 soldiers; only 45 of them were women. Even with women being allowed to join combat roles there are only a few of them that are going. Imagine being the only woman in a squad full of men. Being surrounded by men is psychologically awkward for women and men as well; besides, chances of sexual harassment increase dramatically due to this psychological friction. Sexual harassment increases every year in the military and will only be worst for women in combat roles.
Supporters of letting women serve in combat roles say women are already being wounded or killed in war,...

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