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This Is A Gothic Legend About Witches

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The mystery of the von VaughansThe von Vaughans had lived in a huge castle at the border of England for more than 100 years ever since Maxim von Vaughan moved to England. His portrait, along every one else's, hung on the walls of the dark corridor. Maxim von Vaughan is quite a grim-looking fellow, gray hair, stony gaze, and an absolutely straight face.The huge castle they live in, Hexenbourg castle, doesn't look any better. Some of the walls are missing a few bricks, and the castle tower looked as if it would collapse anytime. The wind howled through the broken windows of the tower at night, sounding as if someone was screaming. It sends shivers down the backs of travellers who happen to ...view middle of the document...

He soon became known for his wickedness and everyone was afraid of him.One day he walked passed Mme Darach's cottage, and, seeing no one was in the cottage, he decided to play a trick on the old lady and steal something from her. He broke into the cottage but could not find anything valuable. Then his gaze fell on to the black cat asleep by the fireside. Smiling wickedly, he took the cat and carried it back to the castle. He covered the cat's mouth with cloth so it would not make any noise and locked it inside one of the un-used storage rooms in the castle.That night there was a huge storm. Ink black clouds floated along the sky. The rain poured down like buckets of water, and the thunder was so loud it sounded like someone was banging on the drums really hard.Royal heard the storm and decided to check on the cat.. As he stepped into the room, he was shocked. The cat had somehow got rid of the cloth around its mouth, and seeing Royal, the cat hissed. Its teeth were long and sharp, and its eyes glowed brightly. A bit scared, he wanted to turn the lights on, just to find that the power was cut off. Then, as lightning...

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