This Is A Descriptive Writing Essay Based On An Experience That I Went Through, Belmont Park

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The last time I went to Belmont Park, I had a blast. It was a cold Saturday night. On my way to get my All “Day” Pass, I see different faces passing by. As I’m still walking, I reach into my back pocket and pull out my worn out, leather wallet. Hoping I didn’t spend my last dollar on three scoops of ice cream, I pull out a fresh, crisp, brand new twenty dollar bill. You know the bills that look and smell like they’ve just been made. I reached out my other hand to my little brother, and said “Come on David!” He smacks his small, gooey hand into mine as if I were saving him.We start skipping to the ticket booth. I hear a faint voice saying, “Watch out!” And then, I look down at this big curb in front of us and I know I cant jump ...view middle of the document...

We step forward, and I could feel the heat from the booth, the same heat from when you leave your car outside a sunny day for hours. I guess it was a heater, it felt good and that is all I know. And I was not about to ask her, no matter how big her smile was. “Two children, all “day” pass, please.” I present. My mom was behind my shoulder and gently handed me money for David’s ticket. I took it and passed it up to the lady. She said, “Thank you, and have fun!” My smile widened when she said fun. Because It brought me back to the last time I came, and I sure did have fun. Her cold hands trembled as she tied the wrist bands on our wrists.Then, I stepped away and warned David about how much fun we were about to have. I bent down to his level and looked into his almond shaped eyes. Then, I looked below, to his nose and saw snot dripping, dripping to the floor. SPLAT! “Ewwwwww!” I cried. When he asked for a tissue I said hold on, and sprinted to the bathroom. The ocean scent was in the air, and I couldn’t help but smell it. In the bathroom, I had to stop and look into the mirror. I noticed my hair was frizzy, as if I had blow dried it. I snatched a tissue from the box and swung the door open like a super star would. Then, I sprinted back to David in time before another snot hit the floor. I caught in my hand that was wrapped up in tissue. It felt sticky and watery at the same time. I assisted him with blowing his nose. And once again we were good to go.I asked my mom could we go now or what?! And she replied with a smile, “If you are ready, go ahead, keep an eye on David, and do not talk to strangers. We’ll be right here eating and watching you both.” The last thing I got was a whiff of her lovely perfume and a kiss on the cheek, and we were off.

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