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This Is A Critical Analysis Paper Used In An Abnormal Psychology Class That Advocates For Giving Suicidal Patients Life Sustaining Treatment

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The Duty to Provide Life-Sustaining Treatment to AnorexicsIf a person is in a life-threatening situation, it is unethical to ignore their situation, even if they are voluntarily making their situation worse. This is a major debate in the case of patients with anorexia. Anorexics believe that they should have the right to refuse life-sustaining treatment such as involuntary hospitalization and compulsory treatment. There are many more valid points against giving Anorexics their refusal rights. Furthermore, part of the argument to give Anorexics refusal rights only justifies the revocation of those rights.The concept that a person who refuses to eat even to the point of starvation is competent ...view middle of the document...

These patients include Jehovah's Witnesses' objections to blood transfusions and people with certain religious beliefs that object to termination of unborn children to save the mothers (Draper 2000). These types of patients do not fit into the same type of category as anorexics. These types of patients did not behave a certain way that led them to the medical state that they are in. The anorexic's refusal to eat is what got the anorexic into the life-threatening state that he/she is in. Although a blood transfusion is often a necessary treatment for a condition a Jehovah's Witness is in, the Jehovah's Witness more than likely did not have a mental disorder that led them to need a blood transfusion.Although anorexics' behaviors get them into the life-threatening state, the behaviors are not always voluntary. There are a small portion of anorexics that suffer immensely from their disorder but cannot overcome their disorder and would rather die. Some attempt suicide, which, as I mentioned earlier, would be grounds for forced life-sustaining treatment. The other portion of anorexics in this category are very similar to cancer patients who have battled their disease but are unable to overcome it. More treatment for these cancer patients would mean a lot more pain and suffering for a very limited amount of life. Their death is eminent. Anorexia is a vicious cognitive cycle...

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