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This Is A Comparative Essay Between Two Writters' Views On "The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King." While Both Critics Were Happy With The Outcome, One Was Far More Pleased Than The Other

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The two views, presented by Ty Burr and James Bernardinelli, on "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" are not radically different. The authors were both pleased with the movie, yet they held different appreciations and expectations. While James was more on the ecstatic side, Burr was left disappointed in a few areas.Both opinions could agree that the ending of the trilogy successfully met expectations provided by the two previous movies. "The Return of the King delivers on all the mighty expectations Peter Jackson created in the Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers" (Burr358). James felt so strongly about this that he believes ...view middle of the document...

As far as the content of the movie, their reflections differed vastly. While James gave his account of the movie, he added in his animated reaction. He explored the different emotions he experienced during The Return of the King, "Along the way there are moments...that draw a tear from the eye;...cause the heart to soar;...cause the adrenaline to surge; and images of spectacle that make the jaw drop" (Bernardinelli366). Although in Burr's synopsis, he bestows a run-down of the story in great detail with little room for admiration. He was less than passionate compared to James.The conclusion of the story left one appreciative with slight weariness and the other completely blown away. No surprise that James had written, "The pace was unflagging- once Jackson had us, he doesn't let go. When the movie was over I couldn't believe three and a half hours had passed" (Bernardinelli366), "With a 20 minute epilogue...tied up every possible loose end" (Berndinelli367). Again Burr was not as perceptive as James. He had scrutinized the ending claiming that (although understandably doing so) Jackson drew it out in an attempt to not let go of his long held dream.After their last points made, the two reviewers gave their final sentiments. James continued to glorify the movie calling it "the event of the year" (Bernardinelli369). Burr left on more of a pity note, "If King isn't everything I had hoped, the film maker still deserves an Oscar for the combination of artistry and orneriness it took to get the entire project made" (Burr360).

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