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Growing up I never thought too much of college. Neither of my parents attended, so it was not talked about as I progressed through my schooling. I had no idea how important college was or what it could bring. My mom had me at the age of 18 and could not go to college in order to support herself and her new family. My dad also went straight into the work force to keep the family he started together. My parents had it rough as they began to have more kids, and less money. They had four children to support within three years of my birth. My parents were hardworking and dedicated though; they gradually started making more money by working longer hours, and saving as much as they could when they could. Soon they were able to afford a townhouse and, eventually, were able to purchase the house we live in today. This is all extremely important to me. My parents were able to ...view middle of the document...

My parents pushed me to succeed from early on in school. They taught me that school was more important than anything in my life. I exceeded in it too. In elementary school I earned straight A’s for every year there: first through sixth grade. Throughout elementary I pondered why I was in school, and what would it lead to. I didn’t know then that my future depended on these years. In junior high it was the same story, different school. I earned high grades in all my classes there, and it came so naturally. Once I crossed the stage during eighth grade graduation I knew high school would be more difficult. When I began going to high school, my parents backed off me a little bit, treating me more as an adult, allowing me not to have to do my homework directly after school. Before this time when I got home from school they forced me to do my homework right after school. Although it seemed like a hassle, I wished they did this when I was in high school because for the first time I found myself struggling. I started procrastinating and my grades started slipping. I kept my grades up enough to pass every class I took, yet I didn’t earn grades that were to my potential. It wasn’t until junior year that I began to seek help around the school, by either going to math tutoring or seeing a teacher outside of class. I then realized how important college really was to my future. I learned how to correct my study habits, and how to find help for subjects I don’t grasp the first time they are taught. My outlook on school and my future changed; finally everything is aligned: I am getting grades which reflect my potential and ability, and I am fully aware of the advantaged which those bring me. I anticipate my graduation from college, both of my parents and younger siblings watching me with pride; it is through their strength, their caring, and their dedication that I will be the first, of many who will follow, to walk a new easier path in life, the path of a college graduate.

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