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This I Believe Memoir Essay

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Failing to Success
It was tryout day. My heart was beating fast and sweat was running down my face as I approached the starting line. Wait. Stay still. Take a big breath. “Get set…RUN!” My adrenaline rush rose as I began to sprint. The sun was thrashing down my back as my feet pierced the burning, concrete track. With every stride I took, my lungs clasped for air. Everything felt the way it should as I was running at the same pace as everyone else. Half a mile through, I began to notice that most of the girls were about fifty meters ahead of me. They all had passed me. My short legs moved as fast as they could on the last two hundred meters left of the 5k but I just couldn’t catch up. As I ...view middle of the document...

Regardless of the frustration, my mind told me I could do more. I began to run everyday for thirty minutes without stopping. I ran so slow and breathed so hard, that it made me wonder if I might have developed asthma or if I was born with a black lung and never realized it. Then, there were those days when the couch would whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but I would resist that urge to lie down and do nothing. As much as I wanted to stop running, I kept in my mind the image of myself running next to my team. That’s what kept me motivated. Little by little I began to feel stronger and my endurance building up. I was shocked to find a drastic weight loss with an increased running distance. By then, I knew I was ready to face tryouts again.
The day finally came, and I didn’t know what to expect since I hadn’t raced any of the girls in over a year. They were all staring me down. I’m guessing it was because they had noticed how much I had changed physically, or maybe they were just surprised about me coming back after being ten minutes slower than everyone else. I took one last look at the other girls and headed towards the track. Everything felt perfect as I inhaled and exhaled my last breath before the big moment that would determine how strong I had become after my struggle to get back on my feet from failure.
“Ladies, head to the starting line,” The coach yelled. “Ready…Set…Go!”
We started to run, all at the same pace. Surprisingly, I began passing a few girls. Two miles into the race, I realized that I was keeping up with the top seven girls. I was getting short of breath, but I started to increase my speed. At that moment I knew I had the potential to beat at least one more girl in order to make the team and I wasn’t going to give up with only a few meters left of the race. My legs began to move faster as I hugged the corner of the track like a little girl hugging a fluffy teddy bear. The seventh fastest runner and I were sprinting side by side. I used the last bit of energy that I had and took off -with the widest stride I had ever taken- across the finish line. The coach shouted my time, “Twenty-four minutes and thirty-three seconds!” I became ecstatic. Without realizing how exhausted I was I began to jump up and down. The girl gave me a pat on the back, “Good job”, she said and smiled. Not...

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