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This Essay Outlines The Reasons Why The Sumerian Civilization Has Had The Most Effect On Modern Culture Out Of All Of The Other Ancient Civilizations

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Western culture has been aided greatly by ancient civilizations. Many people take for granted concepts like the wheel or something as simple as the way they write. Those concepts were invented thousands of years ago by an ancient people to whom much success is owed. The Sumerians, who were particularly innovative inventors, gave modern culture many of those concepts. The Sumerians, whose civilization dawned in Mesopotamia circa 4200 B.C.E., are believed to have been the inventors of the wheel. They also developed the first code of law and one of the first forms of writing. Clearly, the ancient civilization that has had the greatest effect on modern culture is the Sumerian civilization.Although some may argue that the great achievements of other civilizations overshadow the early Sumerian civilization, those ...view middle of the document...

It is true that some civilizations have built great wonders, but the Sumerians invented wonders of their own that are far more important. They invented two things that modern civilizations could not survive without. Firstly, they invented the wheel. The concept of the wheel is integral to society because without it, no one would be able to move anything except by carrying it or travel except by walking. Secondly, the Sumerians invented the first form of writing. Without a form of writing, no one would have any way to record data and information could only be passed on by word of mouth. Clearly, the Sumerians are like the foundation of the great building of society; without their innovative inventions, civilization as it is known today would topple.Irregardless of what technology exists, modern civilization would also topple without a form of government. The Sumerians were the first people to form city-states, a form of government that the Greeks later adopted. Other civilizations then adapted the idea of city-states to create greater, more complex forms of government. The Sumerian system of city-states was not so different from the system the United States now uses, since each state, like the city-states in the Sumerian system, has its own constitution and set of laws. It all traces back to the Sumerians, the foundation of civilization.Undoubtedly, the Sumerian civilization has had an enormous effect on modern culture. From something as simple as driving a car, to something even simpler such as writing a letter, nearly everything in anyone's daily routine would be made impossible or nearly impossible if the Sumerians had not existed and invented what they did. Had they not existed and not developed the first form of government, life would be infinitely different; chaos would reign. Had they not existed and not paved the way for civilizations to come, people might still be nomads, hunters and gatherers who are fortunate to survive.

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