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This Essay Is Talking About How It Is Significant That A Miller Tells "The Millers Tale" And How It Is Significant That The Wife Of Bath Tells Her Tale

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"The Millers tale" and "The Wife of Baths" tale are both part of "The Canterbury Tales"Written by, Geoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer removes himself from these tales by saying that he is just repeating the tales that were told to him. "For, as you all must know as well as I, to tell a tale told by another man you must repeat as nearly as you can each word, if that's the task you've undertaken, however coarse or broad his language is; or, in the telling, you'll have to distort it or make things up, or find new words for it." (Chaucer, General Prologue 19) There were 29 pilgrims, a host, and narrator all on this pilgrimage to Canterbury. They were supposed to tell a tale on the way there and a tale on ...view middle of the document...

He would just ramble on about nonsense and exaggerate the wildest stories.It is significant that a miller tells this tale because his unique characteristics and personality make this a lively and interesting tale. The miller told his tale right after the knight was finished telling his tale. This makes this tale even better because the miller is following a tale told by a reputable knight who told an honorable tale. The Millers tale is full of deceit, adultery, and violence. The Miller is a completely different person than the knight and so is the tale that follows. The host tried to quite the miller down because it wasn't his turn to tell a tale but the miller was so drunk he demanded to speak. After the host gave up the narrator tries to apologize for the miller saying he is drunk and ill bred."Now listen,' said the miller, 'one and all! But first I make a public avowal that I am drunk; I can tell by the sound" (Chaucer, The Miller's Prologue 80) The Miller's drunken behavior before he tells his tale sets up the tone for the millers tale which will be crude and ill-mannered. If this tale was told by a more reputable character such as the knight then it wouldn't have the same impact. The tale that is told by the miller is a crude tale that would only be told by very few people in that day and age since it was frowned upon to slander another man in a tale.The Miller's standing in society, physicality, manners, and mannerisms influence the tale because all of these unique characteristics of the miller make his tale what it is. The miller doesn't have much to lose by telling a crude tale. People already expect him to be drunk, loud, and crude. His standing in society as a miller isn't very high or noble at all but he has enough worth to support himself. The Miller's physical description is that of an extremely large red haired oaf that never stops drinking or talking. Due to the miller's loss of inhibitions he tells a story that contains adultery, deceit, and violence. Someone else might know a story that contains all of those things but wouldn't tell it because of the crude nature. The miller can get away with telling this story because it is already expected that his story is going to be filled with sinful behavior because of his standing in society being a miller, his physical appearance which is a large messy oaf, and his manners or lack there of.The prologue to the Wife of Bath's tale describes her as a person very well. It doesn't go that in depth to her physical characteristics but goes more than well into her personal life. The wife of bath...

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