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This Essay Is An Oppinion Essay On Why N.A.S.A.'s Budget Is Not Worth It And Should Be Spent On Other Things

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Space Travel is Not Worth itGiving NASA 15.5 billion dollars is ridiculous. All that money could go to finding cures for diseases, and feeding and providing clothes and shelter for the homeless. The money could go to health care and schools. Money would find a much better use here on Earth rather than sending a few guys into space. Instead of exploring Mars we should first explore Earth and try to fix some of the problems here. If that 15 billion dollars was split three ways with 5 billion going to AIDS research, 5 to education, and 5 to give poor people affordable healthcare, I think that the money would be much better used, and it ...view middle of the document...

An estimated 40 million people are living with AIDS worldwide and an estimated 5 million are infected every year. And about 3 million people die every year from AIDS. If those people who died were cured of AIDS than they might of worked for NASA.The majority of people do not think that the government spends enough money on education. If we took the 5 billion and gave it to schools, we students would get a much better education. A portion the well educated children would become Scientists for NASA and other space agencies. U.S. citizens pay more for health care than the U.S. government spends of education which leads me to my next topic, healthcare.Health care is unreasonably expensive these days and the prices just keep going up. I think that if the five billion dollars was used so poor people could afford health care than America would be a much healthier, happier place. Also the poor people could spend the money they saved on healthcare and spent it on a better education they could invent things that the scientists now would have never thought of. The collective knowledge would increase and therefore increase the success of NASA missions.The money would serve a much better purpose here on Earth and it would go back to NASA. The money spent on education would end up helping NASA in the future when the children get older and become scientists and work for NASA. The money spent on healthcare would return to NASA, and the money spent on AIDS would just make the world a better place.

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