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This Essay Is About A Football Player And His Experience Of Chaning From High School To College

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Changing from junior high school to high school was a scaryexperience at first. I didnâ ®t really know what to expect. I thought andknew it was going to be a lot harder than junior high school. I hadfriends that made this transition with me, but I knew I was going to meetmore people and make some new friends. I have always been one of thebest athletes on every sports team I played on and I knew there was goingto be a lot of competition.My freshman and sophomore year in high school was the hardest. Iwasnâ ®t used to doing a lot of homework because in junior high school Igot it all done in class. The students were a lot different and moremature. There were older students that were looked up at by the youngerstudents because ...view middle of the document...

These two years made me motivated to want to dowell in school because it was going to determine my life. Thecompetition on the football field begin to get a lot easier for me because I hadgreat natural talent. I always knew I would be a great football playerbecause I put my heart into everything I did with football and neverlet anything stop me from playing or doing my best. My main goal was toget myself to college on a football scholarship. I knew I would haveto do well in the classroom and on the football field to make this goalpossible.I had a lot of ups and downs in high school, but I continued towork hard because I believed in myself. By the time I was a senior I hada lot of the younger kids looking up to me and wanted to be like me. Iwas always humble and would never act like Iâ ®m too good for anyone soI would talk to and help any of these kids that looked up to me asthere role model. I had a lot of achievements such as being on the honorroll, team captain, football and track awards and most important earninga scholarship to Oregon State University for football. I got to whereIâ ®m at today by working hard and believing that I will succeed inlife.Coming to college is the same transition I had to make from juniorhigh school to high school. It feels like Iâ ®m doing the same cycleall over again. But, this time I had to leave away from home and be onmy own for the first time ever. I hope that things go almost the sameways as high school, but a lot better. The competition in football isa lot harder in college because itâ ®s the best high school players inthe nation. But, I think I can compete and be one of the best playersin college football by continuing to work hard and do my best because Iknow I will be rewarded in the end.

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