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This Essay Is About A Difficult Decision Regarding Abortion In Which Many Young Teenagers Have To Face Today

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PREFACE"DIFFICULT DECISION"In this paper I am trying to talk about why people choose the choices they make.My main point is that sometimes at the age of 17 you do not have the wisdom to make certain choices or even the right choice.My experience in writing this paper was difficult to actually go back to the past and write it all down on paper, because two people know about my life growing up and the choices I had to make, whether they were good or bad, but I had their support and am still friends with them and speak to them on a regular basis, they are like the sisters I never had.The only person I had help from in writing this paper was Professor-------, she helped me with my introduction ...view middle of the document...

Etc.Then one of my Counselors came and asked if I was pregnant, I said no, and she said," good because you couldn't stay her if you were, you would have to find somewhere else to go on your own," and I had no where to go and no one to turn to. I would have had to live day by day in the street with no money or food, which is not healthy for anyone. I didn't want the father of the baby to quit school. His parents were making it very difficult for the both of us. They would call me on the phone telling me it isn't going to work out, etc. etc. They kept brain washing us.At the time we were very naïve and I didn't know much. So I decided to have the abortion, in which my boyfriend took me to have it done. We researched and found a very good doctor in New York, and he (my boyfriend) made sure I was okay and took me home afterwards, and made sure he called later that evening to make sure I was okay, he knew how I felt emotionally afterwards.I regret now the decision I made every day of my life. I have many times remembered that day (it's always in the back of my mind). Looking at my two kids I have now, and the joy they bring me, I wonder what I would've had if I kept him/her. Now that child would have been seventeen years old.I would not make anyone go through what I did, if I knew all the options that are out there, such as adoption I would have gone that route. If I could go back in...

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