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This Essay Is A Child Observation Project, The Format Used Is Apa, Which Is The Standard Format For Many Social Sciences Class

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AbstractFor the purposes of this observation the child observed will be referred to as Jake. The differences in time spent with Jake by students of the University of Alaska Southeast student housing community were observed and recorded for this study. Jake was observed for increments of two hours daily for one week. During this observation the amount of time individuals spent carrying, playing, or interacting with Jake was recorded as well as the individual's age and gender. Individuals who spent less then 2 minutes with Jake were excluded from this study as well as Jake's family members and other primary care givers. The purpose of this study was to determine which category of people spent ...view middle of the document...

Jake is in the third stage that Piaget refers to as Secondary circular reaction stage. Jake's cognitive skills have sufficiently developed allowing him to be much more aware of events taking place around him. In addition to this Jake has developed the ability to make pleasurable events happen on his own. Given the numerous people surrounding Jake during the day, Jake has developed a very social personality. Interaction with people is both enjoyed and sought after. Jake's social referencing comes from both parent figures and people Jake is most familiar with when reacting to people never before encountered. It is because of the unique environment that Jake is exposed to that the researcher wishes to determine what effect this environment has had on Jake development. Also because of the number of people Jake is exposed to the examiner will also be monitoring how different genders and races interact with Jake. To obtain this information the researcher has been monitoring Jake for 2 hours every day for one week. During this time information was obtained as to what Jake was involved with and what type of people interacted with Jake. The type of interaction was also recorded to determine if gender or race played any role in the type of interaction engaged with Jake.MethodParticipantJake is approximately 6 months old and is a Caucasian male. Jake resides in apartment style housing with both parent in the home. Both of Jakes parents are employed fulltime, but because of the nature of Jake's mother's work he accompanies his mother in the work place. Jake's appearance is average for a male child of Jake's age. Jake's height was recorded at 67.4 cm on October 19, 2003. Jake's weight is slightly above average at just under 17 pounds but is still well within the desired weight limits. Jake's is in excellent health and is free of any mental of physical conditions that might hamper his development.ProcedureObservation.Jake was observed in increments of two hours for one week. The location where the observation took place was the UAS student-housing lodge. The examiner was positioned on the second floor during each observation to achieve maximum visibility of Jake and his activities and the interaction between him and housing students. Jake is an only child so no siblings or relatives besides Jake's mother and father were involved in the observation process.Interaction.Jake was observed for 2 hours each day for one week. During observation Jake was left to move about as he chose. Jake's activities, when by himself, consist of playing with simple toys and exploring objects within is field of motion. During the observation time the individuals who interacted with Jake were recorded by age and gender. The amount of time and type of interaction was also recorded.Interview.Before child observation began, Jake's mother was asked a series of question about Jake's health and development thus far. Jake's mother was asked a series of questions using both a yes/no and...

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