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Thirty One Gifts Overview Essay

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Three Approaches
Thirty-One Gifts is a company that has substantially grown and continues to grow. They have found ways to differentiate themselves from other direct sellers with in multiple ways. The ways that stand out to me are its focus on women, tie to a biblical passage, hours of operation, and product. Its focus on women also ties to the company’s biblical connection. As stated in an article, “the very name of Thirty-One comes from the Bible. The company’s official materials say that Proverbs 31 ‘celebrates hard working women who are compassionate, gracious and inspiring to their families and the people around them” (Feran, 2011). The bags and goods sold from Thirty-One are all sold as direct-sales where the sales consultant typically sells at hosted parties; however, it ...view middle of the document...

First, Krispy Kreme significantly outperformed the market estimates for earnings per share for yearend 2011 by posting $2.01 EPS while the estimate averaged at $0.06 EPS. This, along with its increase in margins displays cost effectiveness. A more specific catalyst for its pursuit of cost effectiveness shows in a recent agreement they made with NCR Corporation to “implement the NCR Aloha restaurant technology solution in all of its US based corporate-owned sites” (Krispy Kreme deploys NCR , 2012). This system keeps local management and operations in place but allows for the collection of transactional information and other management of information to be handled via this cloud technology. This system directly will impact cost effectiveness, stated by Mark Reasor, vice president of Krispy Kreme as “We expect to see improvements in our speed of service, increases in same-store sales and a reduction in our food costs” (Krispy Kreme deploys NCR , 2012).
Amazon is a company that has displayed quick response in its shipping. Amazon initiated a quick-response shipping method for members of Amazon Prime. Members of Amazon Prime receive free two day shipping regardless of your order size. This is a pay-for service; however, they offer it free to students. In addition to free shipping on all items that are in the Amazon Prime program, this service also provides free release-date delivery on new video games. They have clearly differentiated themselves with this speedy shipping service.

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