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Thirteen Colonies Essay

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Between 1607 and 1733 there were thirteen colonies founded in North America, all along the east coast. All of the 13 colonies were broken up into three different government types. These included royal, charter, and proprietary. Each type had its own set of rules and government. One of the things that tied all of the colonies together was the king, the sole ruler and overseer. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Georgia, and Virginia are only four of the thirteen.
King Charles II owed the English Quakers a debt. In order for the debt to be paid, King Charles gave them a piece of land that would become Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was discovered in 1682, by William Penn. Penn is the reason that the ...view middle of the document...

After deciding this, Williams became a minister in Salem, Virginia. Since people in Salem thought his ideas were ridiculous he moved to Plymouth in search of followers. Instead, his tactics failed again. After returning to Salem once last time, he was put on trial for his views. He was banished. Once coming to practical terms with his ideas, Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636. He founded the colony based on separation of church and state. People from all around came pouring into Rhode Island to seek a safe place to practice their religions freely. Roger Williams created a refuge where people could practice their religions without being punished.
King George II arranged a charter for a board of 21 trustees. It granted land between the Savannahs and the Altamaha rivers west towards the sea. Since the people on the board couldn’t create a self government on their own, they completely surrendered before the 21 year contract was up. Because of this, in 1752, Georgia was able to become a colony. People also settled there to keep the Spaniards out of Georgia. James Oglethorpe thought it would be good for the economy to give the poor English an immediate 50 acres and an extra 50 for any extra servant they brought with them. This seemed great, except for the drawback that the settlers couldn’t claim any more than 500 acres of land. This angered the settlers. In addition, they couldn’t have slaves or rum. Eventually, the trustees were tired of hearing the English complain, so they compromised with them. James Oglethorpe was the original founder of Georgia. He was a British General and also served as a member of the parliament....

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