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Thinking Outside The Box Essay

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Think about what you’re surrounded by. Automatically you would think about all the positive influences in your life, right? Now think about everywhere that you’ve been today. How many of those places have been shaped- ever so originally, like a box? Where the concrete walls are flat; the floor, is flat; and the door is a square. The same door that you walk into and even the windows are square! Where have you seen this place? Have you been here before? Is it: your room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, or possibly your basement? Or is it any place else that you have been?

It’s funny how the world works this way. It’s funny how your main goal as a child was to think outside of the box, but your ...view middle of the document...

Both carefully trying not to make the stairs creak and to wake you up, they’d pour their Raisin Bran or other flakey cereal from a cardboard box and eat it before it becomes soggy in their 2% fat, pasteurized milk. When all finished, with their milky breakfast still hanging on their upper lip, they grab their favorite mug that reminds them how good of a parent they are, or how accomplished they are at their job, or something, and pour themselves a cold glass of coffee that was made the night before only to heat it up for 30 seconds in the boxy microwave.

Grabbing their keys and phone in the same fumbling motion off the front table in the downstairs hallway, with giving them just enough time to slip on their oxfords and go to their station wagon, or modernly fashioned Prius, push the unlock button on the control, stick the keys in the ignition, and go. Wiping away the bead of sweat that rolls down on the side of their head, they open their personal mirror from the sunshield, look themselves in the eyes and try to motivate themselves to hard day at work with annoying people they don’t want to talk to and their cocky boss that picks on them a majority of the time. Just listening to jokes that aren’t funny, and taking calls from employees down the hall who are so frustrating only because they are old and refuse to follow the modern technology movement. When satisfied, and fully motivated, they tune into their favorite news station and listen to poetry and interviews and politics, thinking that maybe knowing something that’s going on in the rest of the world might help them at their box-office job.

Small rings of exhaustion lingering beneath their eyes and sipping their slowly cooling coffee, they begin their drive to work. Slipping out of the driveway and out of their suburban neighborhood, they run past a stop sign and widely turn onto the highway to face the morning dose of traffic that waits for them to slam their breaks just as hard as the first car that flipped over on their way to work. Releasing a sigh of exhaustion mixed with frustration, your parent will honk their horn and flip people off as the traffic will gradually become heavier and seem to move slower especially as the caffeine from their morning coffee begins to seep in. Their impatience causes the start of the chain of stress for the day.

It has been almost an hour in traffic, and the news channel has turned into static and elevator music. The rectangular clock reads 6:52 with the repeating digital message on what radio station is on. With the want to listen to world news and politics, the choice has been made for them. Changing to a comedy talk show with an almost silent interference of a radio broadcasted televangelist station buzzing in the background. Hopeful to find a clearer station, they zoom through multiple stations to find the right...

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