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Thinking And Decision Making Essay

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Thinking and Decision Making
Thinking incorporates an individual’s thoughts through a process of carefully evaluating decisions so that a conclusion can be determined. Decision-making additionally involves implementing the proper steps so that the individual will reach his or her goals by making the right choices. The purpose of this paper is to present various concepts of different thinking styles. The thinking styles that will be discussed are emotionally, logically, creative, realistic, optimistically, pessimistically, divergently, and scientific style. Additionally, the following will discuss how to compare and contrast the three different types of thinking and comment on how each ...view middle of the document...

Whatever the premise is, either negative or positive, the conclusion will end up the same. A hypothetical syllogism is relating either a pure or mixed explanation. If an individual combines both hypothetical and conditional into a statement they will receive what is called an if-then statement. A mixed statement will only have if-then in the beginning of the premise and then followed by a minor and conclusion, which categorical. A disjunctive syllogism in a statement can be used as either or. “The first disjunctive form denies one term in the minor premise, and then affirms the other term in the conclusion” (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007, p. 188). Logical thinking shows that there are alternative ways of viewing one’s statement. Individual’s project that using logical thinking will help them self understand the way they see things in life.
Emotional Style
Emotional style of thinking reflects how individuals feel about their own thoughts as well as others. An individual’s emotions can interfere with the way individuals make good decisions. This can result in having a clouded mind and result into a bad decision. An individual’s emotions can also dictate his or her beliefs, values, prejudices, and morals. Emotions can reflect on the way an individual uses his or her tone towards other individuals. His or her tone can result into an individual thinking that he or she is honest, sneaky, lying, or genuine. When an individual is happy, positive emotions can result in his or her thinking process and allow decision-making in an easier manner. If an individual is unhappy it can reflect on his or her thinking pattern and decision-making choices. When basing decisions on emotional factors, it can impede with a rational decision.
Creative Style
Creative thoughts are the type of idea to leads to original insights, an original approach, new perspective, and complete original habits of accepting and conceive of belonging. “The products of creative thought include some clear things like music, poetry, dance, dramatic literature, inventions, and technical innovations”. “However there are some that is not so clear as well, such as ways of putting an issue that expand the horizons of potential solutions, or ways of conceiving of relationships that challenge presuppositions and lead one to see the world in creative and different ways (buffalostate, 2011)”. An easy description of creative thoughts, “the ability to create” (Dictionary, 2011). “Thinking creatively allows for possible alternatives in making ultimate decisions”. “A particularly useful way to trigger people into thinking creatively about options is to disturb their natural tendency to look for a solution…” (Good pastor).
Realistic Style
“A simple form of realistic thinking—i.e., thinking that is oriented toward the external environment—underlies the ability to discriminate discrete objects or items of information (e.g., distinguishing a lion from a tiger)”. “The outcome is a judgment, and...

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