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Things You Should Know About Stun Gun

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Things You Should Know About Stun Guns
If you are looking for total personal protection and self defense devices there are many things you should consider before you make a purchase. Stun guns don't work the same on everyone, they will not kill anyone, most people can use them, and much more. Learning the facts about stun guns may help you make a decision if purchasing one is right for you.

A stun gun is an electrical device designed to send electrical signals into the body and mess with the way the brains electrical signals control your body. This results in a paralysis mode for a few seconds or minutes. Stun guns send only about 3 milliamps into the body and they are entirely safe and will not ...view middle of the document...

Here is a circumstance you could use a stun gun.

Stun guns do not work the same on everyone. On some people these self defense devices work quite well and drop them to the ground. Some people may not be disabled at all. It usually depends on the assailant's personal and physical body, size, and more. Some attackers are so high on drugs that a stun gun might not even phase them. These are things you should consider. Times like this are when pepper spray may work best to disable the assailant's sight.

A stun gun cannot kill anyone. Many people think that they kill people and they are dangerous. These devices are designed for personal protection and self defense because someone is going to hurt you. If you accidentally shock yourself it will only last for a couple of minutes. They cannot kill you, and you will not be responsible for a murder.

When you use a stun gun you will use it for a period of up to 5 seconds. You should consider how many volts you are sending into the body. If your stun gun is only 200,000 volts then you will want to hold it on the attacker for a longer period of time. If your stun gun is 1,000,000 volts then you will not need to hold it on the attacker but for a moment or so and you will see how quick the attacker responds.

There are many things to consider when you are going to purchase stun guns. They are very easy to use. It is impossible for the electrical charge to pass through the attacker and into you. They are legal in most states and jurisdictions, and, here is the big one, a stun gun just may save your life one day.
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