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Thesis Chapter 2 Essay

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Item Management System
The Item Management System (IMSm) is a collaborative project led by the medical faculties of the Charité (Berlin), Heidelberg University, and the University of Munich. Standardization and quality assurance of exam content, networking of established exam systems and platforms, and the subsequent reduction of costs are the key objectives of the project.
With IMSm, it is possible to save exam content in the form of long - or multiple menu questions, OSCE-, M2- and key feature items using a web interface to design and save information. By building an internal faculty and interdisciplinary exam compilation in the form of an item pool and a review network (Pre-review), ...view middle of the document...

Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL with Trends Graph for a Maritime Academy
The Online Examination System is a web based application developed in MySQL and PHP. This customized software has been developed for a leading Maritime Academy located in Goa, India for all the courses conducted by them. The examination consists of different types of multiple choice questions. The questions are selected at random keeping the proper weight for the various topics. The answers are evaluated and the marks obtained for each along with the answer given by the student are stored in the database.
The examiner can get the results immediately in various forms -- the general mark list, the detailed general mark list where the marks obtained by the student in each topic of the subject is shown (red underline for below passing marks) as well as the answer sheet of each student.
The trends graph show the graph of how many students have passed in each topic of a particular subject (Topic wise comparison graph) as well as how many students have passed in each subject (Subject wise comparison graph). There is also the provision for a Trends graph of comparing how many students have passed topic wise in each subject at the midterm as well as final exams if there are two exams for the subject. The software maintains the details for each student as well as provides a facility for editing the student details if required. There is Password based access for Individual Answer Sheet, General Mark Lists and Trends Graphs. Authentication is provided Via Sessions and the password is stored in encrypted form (MD5 hash) in the database.
This Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL can be modified and customized to suit the need of any Educational Institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Professional and Vocational Institutes, Universities or Training Academies. This software is particularly suited to conduct competitive exams like recruitment exams and Common Entrance Tests (CET) of various states as it will save valuable time spent on assessing the answer books and the results can be obtained...

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