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These Nuts! Essay

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After watching Food Inc., a lot of things made better sense. It was sick and very disturbing to see the corruption of big corporations and it is truly frightening to know that our food system has not only gotten to such an extreme point, but that we did it. We as consumers allowed this to happen and we endorsed these multi national companies by purchasing their products. My economics teacher last semester made a proposition that would actually solve the obesity problem. He said that (as it was also mentioned in the movie) people buy fast food and junk food because it is cheaper and in this economy people are cutting back. These fast food places have “dollar menus” and other such ways to save and are convenient for many people. Well, he proposed ...view middle of the document...

It is disturbing and wrong that consumers were kept in the dark for so long and intentionally lied to about what was in their food and where it came from along with the possible effects on their person. E.coli outbreaks are rampant and we never know when it could strike. That has kept me off meat (ground beef specifically). I have been off meat for about a month and after watching this documentary I will stay off meat. Not just because of the possible contamination; it’s the principle. The ethics- these corporations’ disregard for moral/ethical standards. There is no moral code they live by; it’s all about maximizing profits. If that means selling their employees out and spreading e. coli, they don’t care. That woman who lost her child; I cried. That is so heartbreaking that the company wouldn’t even look into that and acknowledge that it happened. She made a statement about “Kevin’s Law” too; she said it seemed like common sense but that it had taken 6 years and it still wasn’t in motion. I thought so too. It’s scary knowing the reality of certain things. We were shown in this documentary just how corrupt people are and how things and people can escalate to dangerous levels. I like what the independent farmer said towards the end; he said he’d rather stay local than expand if it meant becoming corrupt and focusing on the wrong concerns. I think that is noble of him and I would do the same thing. With this economy I don’t see us as the consumers changing anything right away. Hopefully however, we will get to a point where enough people start boycotting major companies like Tyson and McDonalds and just say enough is enough. This documentary is inspiring and it definitely raised awareness in me and I have already spread the word within my circle of family and friends.

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