These Are Notes From Abnormal Psychology Class. The Notes And Definitions Would Help Anyone Taking This Or A Similar Class, Or Even General Psychology. Lots Of Definitions Here

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Chapter 1 Key TermsPsychopathologyThe field concerned with the nature and development of mental disorders.Normal CurveA type of population distribution which depicts the majority of people being in the middle as far as any particular characteristic is concerned.CliniciansThe various professionals authorized to provide psychological services.Clinical psychologistRequires a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree.DiagnosisTechniques necessary to determine that a patient's symptoms or problems indicate a particular disorder.PsychotherapyA primarily verbal means of helping troubled individuals change their thoughts, feelings, and behavior to reduce distress and to achieve greater life ...view middle of the document...

All ongoing activities and all its personnel become part of the treatment program. Appears to be a return to moral practices of the nineteenth century.Cathartic methodUsing hypnosis and talking to relieve mental disturbance. Relief and cure of symptoms thru recall of and event and release and reliving of the emotions causing disturbance.ParadigmThe conceptual framework or approach within which a scientist works.Chapter 2 Theoretical Perspective on Maladaptive BehaviorLecture NotesNervous SystemCentral Nervous SystemBrainHind BrainCerebellumBalance and coordinationMedullaHeartbeat and breathingPonsConnects hindbrain and midbrainReticular formationMidbrainHearing and SightForebrainCorpus CallosumConnects hemispheresCerebral CortexLogic and LanguageThalamusRelay or routing stationAll senses except smell stop hereHypothalamusEating, drinking, emotions, sex, motivationLimbic SystemEmotions, memory, social behaviorShock therapy can damageAccident can damagecause personality changesSpinal CordRelay messages to and from the brainNeuronThe basic unit of the nervous systemSends and receives messagesProcess informationPartsDendritesCell BodyAxonCovered by Myelin Sheathprotectsspeeds up processesTerminal BranchesTerminal ButtonsHold neurotransmittersSynapseSpace between neuronsPoint of communicationBiological ParadigmAbnormal behavior is caused by deficit or damage to or in the NervousSystemPsychodynamic Paradigm- FreudUnconscious and Basic Instincts direct all behaviorStages of Psychosexual DevelopmentOral StageGratification thru mouthAge 0-2Anal StageGratification thru anusPotty trainingAge 2-3Phallic StageAge 3-6 or 7Oedipus ComplexBoysAttraction of a sexual nature to motherFear of punishment by castration by fatherSuppression of sexual feeling to avoid punishmentResolved thru identification with same sex parentElectra ComplexGirlsAttraction of a sexual nature for father or father figureWants to bury father's penisFears punishment and suppresses sexual feelingsPenis envyResolved thru identification with same sex parentLatency Stage7 - 12 yrs.Genital Stage12- Adulthoodheterosexual pursuits3 levels of awarenessConsciousAwareness of thoughts, feelings, images, and memoriesAvailablePreconsciousNot aware of thoughts feelings, images, and memoriesNot easily available, but can be brought forthUnconsciousThoughts, feelings, images and memories are buried deeplyDifficult to retrieve, requires therapyPsychic ApparatusIDNot in touch with realityOperates on the pleasure principleEgoWorks within realitySuperegoNot in touch with realityConscienceDefense MechanismsA strategy used to protect the ego from anxietyEgo uses to balance id and/or superegoDefense MechanismsRepressionPushes unacceptable impulses and thoughts into the unconsciousProjectionUnacceptable characteristics or desires are attributed to external agentsDisplacementRedirecting emotional responses from one object orperson to another safer substitute. ( Kick the Cat )RegressionRetreating to behavior...

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829 words - 4 pages plight of mental patients and helped create concern to provide mental health care. * During the end of the 19th and early 20th century experimental psychology evolved into clinical psychology. These clinics set out to study the abnormal behavior. * During this time two major schools established the development and behaviorism as a model in Abnormal psychology. References Butcher, J. N., Mineka, S., & Hooley, J. M. (2007). Abnormal psychology (16th ed.). Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.

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