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There's A Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella

2050 words - 9 pages

Rachel Fang
Teacher: Mr.Hitchcox
October 11th 2015

Fiery Cross
Recently, there was a series of homicide case that happened in a rural town, and all the decedents were killed in a variety of cruel means. These incidents that were quite shocking in this town, and the people were too scared to go outside of their homes.

Based on detailed cases analysis, the detective Richard, who was well known in Police Department, judged that these cases were more likely to be done by a certain person or a same group, because these series of cases were stupendously similar to each other. All the decedents were surgeons from many hospitals in this town. And all the surgeons were killed ...view middle of the document...

After injecting a shot of pain-agent to Vivien, the surgeon continued to chat on the website. The result was that Vivien had to suffer agony as she died. When the surgeon realized the terrible situation, it was too late. However, the final autopsy result revealed that Vivien just had an appendicular perforation.

Richard was coming back home at noontime. When he opened his son’s room’s door he realized that his son Jeremy was not often at home as he used to be in the past. Suddenly, the photo of his son on the most obvious place of desk attracted Richard’s attention. In this photo, his son looked tall, handsome and well built. But after careful observation, Jeremy’s facial expression did not correspond with his past sunlight personality. As he observed the picture, Richard was surprised to find that his son even had a fluffy beard. There was a strong sense of strangeness that suddenly hit Richard’s mind, as he realized that his son had grown up and that he had missed a lot of moments. And his son was much older to be recognized right away. He strongly regretted that he really had missed so much in son’s childhood. He was usually busy with a variety of cases, therefore he had to go outside for business or stay up all night for cases instead of having a normal life. He even did not have a normal dinner with son for a long time. Even during the Qing Ming festival, he did not have time to see his wife with son in the cemetery. He still remembered his son’s resentment from his eyes.

Richard felt quite depressed, so he optionally opened the books in son’s shelf. What surprised him was that a lot of books were related to the process of detectives finding the real killers. He wondered why Jeremy read these books. And then he even found a specific map from the shelf. He felt so shocked that his eyes popped out. This was a map of this small town, and it was obvious to see that Jeremy used red mark pens to circle some places carefully. Richard realized all the places were hospitals that had cases recently. Putting all red circles together, result was that all circles form a fiery cross!

His nerves suddenly tighten together. This was like a situation that where he felt a heavy stone in his heart. Did these cases made by his son? Did his son have plan for a long period of time? Was his aim to kill all the surgeons?

At this time, something occurred in Richard’s mind. After observing this cross again, he finally found the hospital in last circle that did not have any case yet was that hospital that made Jeremy lose his mom! According to this prediction, it was true that his son was the real murderer. His son wanted to kill the surgeon who let him lose mom directly at last. Maybe the painful of losing mom by wrong diagnosis still remained in Jeremy’s mind. Was this the reason why he wants to kill all the surgeons?

Suddenly, he also found there was a line of figures on the side of the map. These figures were 1,21,42 and...

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