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There Is No Such Thing As Rest

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Case Study: There Is No Such Thing as Rest
Due Week 6 and worth 100 points

Read the case study titled “There is no Such Thing as Rest”, included below this assignment sheet. Based on the case study, write a 3-4 page report that answers the following:
1.Discuss the historical events that provided the foundation of slavery within the U.S.
2.Explain how tradition plays a part in keeping people in slavery.
3.Explain the major factors that contribute to racial prejudice and discrimination against African-Americans.
4.Describe how prejudice and discrimination form a vicious cycle.
5.Describe several effective ways to improve contemporary African-American relations in the U.S.
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If it falls short in weight – if he has not performed the full task appointed him, he knows that he must suffer. And if he has exceeded it by ten or twenty pounds, in all probability his master will measure the next day's task accordingly. So, whether he has too little or too much, his approach to the gin-house is always with fear and trembling. Most frequently they have too little, and therefore it is they are not anxious to leave the field. After weighing, follow the whippings; and then the baskets are carried to the cotton house, and their contents stored away like hay, all hands being sent in to tramp it down. If the cotton is not dry, instead of taking it to the gin-house at once, it is laid upon platforms, two feet high, and some three times as wide, covered with boards or plank, with narrow walks running between them.

This done, the labor of the day is not yet ended, by any means. Each one must then attend to his respective chores. One feeds the mules, another, the swine – another cuts the wood, and so forth; besides, the packing is all done by candle light. Finally, at a late hour, they reach the quarters, sleepy and overcome with the long day's toil. Then a fire must be kindled in the cabin, the corn ground in the small hand-mill,...

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