There Is No Such A Thing As Global Public Relations Only Local Public Relations

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“It is widely accepted amongst economists that since World War II, the world has been integrated into a single market by lowering trade and investment” (Hill, 2001, p.17). Under this lowering integrated and interdependent world economy, often described as “global economy,” individuals’ nation’s economic gains are much greater than the losses through free flow of goods, services, and capital. The multilateral negotiations among nations, the international organizations to monitor and develop international trade and monetary system, World Trade organization, ...view middle of the document...

As an explanatory mandate, global public relations will be examined from various disciplines thus; there is no such as global public relations because public relations is young sub-area which suffers from lack of theoretical foundations while only local public relations exist because of its effective mutual corporate social responsibility, its centrally implemented policies, as well as the linchpin to build awareness and trust at the local level.

What are international and local public relations? International public relations is defined as the designed and structured effort of a corporation, institution or government to create jointly positive relations with the public of other nations. Whereas, local public relations is planned and arranged commitment of companies to maintain a good relationship with its key public within a particular nation or local culture.

To begin with, there is no such a thing as global public relations because public relations is a young sub area which suffers from lack of theoretical foundations. This is to say that public relations is still growing in the field of mass communication and communication. Therefore “most articles on public relations have been subjective or descriptive approaches, even scientifically non-serious sources” (Kunczik, 1990, p.24). Wakefield (1996,p.18) claimed that most of the attempts at scholarly examinations have been country- specific , discussing public relations in a particular country and how it varies from other countries. Also, public relations profession exists across the world within different cultures and organizations. As a profession, “its objective is to maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organization and its publics” (Vercic, Ruler, Buetschi, and flodin, 2001). In this manner, understanding public relations internationally goes beyond understanding the practice at ground level and being aware of influences that shape the profession.

Moreover, research has been descriptive because it focuses on public relations practices in variety of countries and geographic regions without overarching theories and conceptualization. As mentioned by Chay-Nemeth (2001), this approach is identified as culture- specific approach focused on documenting the peculiar and distinct features of individuals and cultures. The main interests of these studies are how political, social, and economic contexts influence the practices of public relations country by country. For instance; a first book of international public relations,: A comparative analysis written by Culbertson and Chen (1996) entails several studies under this approach. Besides, as stated by Sriramesh, Kim, and Takashi (1999), other examples are a meta- analysis on public relations in India, Korea, and Japan, “the HIV/AIDS issue and Thailand public (Chay-Nemeth, 2001, p.121), “the nation building in Malaysia” (Taylor, 2000,p.179), as well as “image of public relations in...

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