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There Is More To Vikings Than Violence

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History typically describes the Vikings as the fiercest, most brutal of all the barbarian groups that invaded Europe. Historians agree that the Vikings were fierce, but was there more to them than that.

The word 'Viking' has been used to identify people who lived in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in early medieval times. In the language Old Norse, 'Viking' means pirate. Sometimes they were known as 'Northmen' or Danes. The Vikings shared a similar heritage as the Saxons, a group of people who had previously invaded Britain.
The Vikings sailed to other foreign countries because they weren't able to do many profitable things in their own homes. The soil was infertile, and the land was rocky ...view middle of the document...

He exchanged one of his eyes for wisdom. Other gods and goddesses included Loki (the trickster god), Freyja (goddess of love and beauty) and Frey (god of fertility and Freyja?s brother).
England, Scotland and Wales were Christian countries, and when the Vikings resettled there, many of them converted to Christianity. However, some remained faithful to their old religion at the same time. This shows that the Vikings weren?t just killing machines that spent all their time murdering people and raiding villages. They didn?t just think of war all the time and they actually spent time worshipping gods like we still do today.

In addition, we can see that their culture was important, even down to the clothes they wore. Like most people during that time, the Vikings mostly used wool to make their clothes. They had to dress warmly because their home was very cold. They dyed the cloth with mineral and vegetable dyes of red, green, yellow, brown and blue.
Viking men would wear a long woollen shirt and long cloth pants held up by a drawstring or sash. On top of this was worn a sleeved jerkin or a three-quarter coat with a belt. On their feet they would wear socks and soft leather shoes or long leather boots. In battle, the Vikings would wear an iron helmet and chain mail to protect themselves.
A Viking woman would wear a long linen dress. It could be either plain or pleated. Over the dress a long woolen tunic would be worn, a little like an apron. It was held up by a pair of brooches, sometimes joined by a chain or string of beads. Over the tunic, sometimes a shawl was worn. Their legs and feet were covered with thick woolly socks and soft leather shoes.
Both men and women wore fur or woolen hats and cloaks in cold weather. The cloaks were fastened at the shoulder with a brooch or a pin.
This raises the interesting point that the Vikings did indeed care about their appearance and took time and effort to groom themselves.


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