There Is A Lot Of Debate Within The Academic Literature About The Personality Traits And Characteristics That Are Associated With Successful Entrepreneurs. With Reference To Appropriate Academic Sources Compare And

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In this essay I will be describing the personality traits and characteristics that are associated with entrepreneurs who are successful. I will also be expanding and comparing on my own personality and characteristics to those found in successful entrepreneurs.

Firstly, there are many types of traits that entrepreneurs have. Some of these traits include being able to live with uncertainty and take risks, self-confidence, internal locus of control and more. I will be finding out if successful entrepreneurship is based upon the personalities of individuals or not.

Previously, I was never really into entrepreneurship until I started college a few years ago. Having done a fashion design ...view middle of the document...

It consists of doing such things as are generally not done in ordinary course of business. An entrepreneur is one who innovates, i.e. carries out new combination or enterprise”.
From taking the GET test, once the creative tendency is low, there is a possibility that it means an individual may not be ready for an entrepreneurial approach that will be global. It also means that it would be easier for an individual to work on an already tried and tested idea instead of creating a new innovation.

“A focus on the traits and personality characteristics of entrepreneurs will never lead us to a definition of the entrepreneur nor help us to understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship” (Gartner, 1989). The quote was stated by Gartner, and researched upon by Rousseau. What is meant by this statement is that no matter what type of personality an individual may have, it would not reflect or have an effect on their entrepreneurial skills. Also, basing successful entrepreneurship on traits and personalities would not help us to understand the true meaning of entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship requires too varied behaviour to be related to specific personality traits; personality traits are not strongly enough related to entrepreneurship (Rauch, 2014). What is stated here is that the personality traits that individuals hold cannot purely be based on how entrepreneurial they are now, or will be even in the future. This can be related to what Gartner had said about basing successful entrepreneurship on characteristic traits and personalities will not lead to us knowing what entrepreneurship is really about.

In an online article it is claimed that personality and characteristics of individuals striving as entrepreneurs were slightly established by higher education, socialising and being nurtured. This was therefore developed by values and beliefs. (Nga 2010). This means that personality traits can influence the behaviour of entrepreneurs and how they act, rather than them being born with entrepreneurial traits.

On the contrary, a research was carried out in Palestine in which 285 entrepreneurs contributed (Elmuti et al. 2011). The findings of this survey were as follows; motivation was the determinant for business ownerships, and also the factors that contributed to the success of the entrepreneurs. The responses from the surveys found out that personalities were found to be the main determinant of success of the entrepreneurs. This is also slightly agreeing with what Nga (2010) agreed on that personalities can influence entrepreneurial behaviour. The research suggests that the type of personality you have can depend on if you are able to become entrepreneurial or not.

“Successful entrepreneurship requires more than merely luck and money. It is a cohesive process of creativity, risk taking, and planning”. (Kuratko, 2013). This goes to show that successful entrepreneurship does not necessarily have to do with the personality traits of...

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