Theoretical Legalization Essay

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Legalization of controlled substances in America has long been a hotly debated topic. In our ethnocentric view, we tend to think we do everything better than any other country. Truth is, banned controlled substances and the subsequent fallout are serious problems that plague every community in America. From the streets of the inner-cities, to the suburbs of the heartland, drugs are destroying lives in many ways. Wherever you find drugs, problems are sure to follow. We will examine legalization of drugs from the standpoint of three common sociological theories in an attempt to determine if it would make more sense to continue on our path of banning controlled substances or if legalization ...view middle of the document...

Less crime would lead to less people in our prison systems and more people possibly in treatment. Easy access to drugs and the equipment required for addicts to achieve their goals in altering their body’s chemistry and euphoric state means less transmission of deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS via a needle exchange program. That aspect alone is enough reason to explore this change in our society as I see it.
As defined in our text, “The conflict perspective assumes that social behavior is best understood in terms of tension between groups over power or the allocation of resources” (Schaefer, 2011). Exploring the conflicts from such a perspective tells us the pitfalls that could possibly plague society through legalization of controlled and banned substances. In legalizing such substances, one could argue that there would be an increase in users and abusers. Easy access could lead to younger addicts as well. Socialization could lead to more impressionable minds being sucked into such a lifestyle. With younger addicts, the future of our society would become threatened by babies affected by the aftermath of parental drug use. There would also be a drastic rise in communicable diseases through sharing needles and reduced inhibitions that are said to accompany drug use. More users would most likely lead to a sharp increase in crimes against the community. A spike in crime would subsequently lead to a need for more police to protect our communities.
“Theorists who take the interactionist perspective generalize about everyday forms of social interaction in...

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