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Theodore Roosevelt played a very important role in society in which he achieved many goals and helped our country become a better nation for the rights of the people. For a young man that started out quite sickly due to asthma and an extremely weak heart, he was such a determined individual that didn’t allow his weaknesses to interfere with reaching his goals and acquiring such great achievements for one man. Although Theodore Roosevelt grew up in a wealthy environment, he was able to associate with not only the rich but he somehow managed to befriend and gain the utmost confidence even from those that were not so privileged. That is one of many reasons why he would be admired even today ...view middle of the document...

His first taste in politics came when he was elected into the New York State Assembly in 1882. Between 1876 and 1880, Theodore had attended Harvard College and then soon after attended a law school. The same year that he had graduated from Harvard Teddy met and married Miss Alice Hathaway Lee and, in fact, they got married on his 22nd birthday. He had also joined the Republican Party that same year. After two years of law school, he quit without getting his degree. In 1882, he had been elected to serve in the New York State Assembly and joined the National Guard. He was commissioned to Second Lieutenant in B Company of New York’s 8th Regiment and was promoted to Captain the following year. He was then reelected by the widest margin of any legislator in New York and became a Minority Leader. He was taken on a tour of New York City where he had discovered that the working conditions were terrible and needed to be changed to help the health of the workers and the public people. He wanted everyone to be safe and protected from harmful diseases. On February 12th of 1884, his beautiful daughter was born at his home and was named after her mother, Alice Lee Roosevelt; however, not without sorrow as he lost his wife during the childbirth of his daughter and within two hours of her birth and the death of his wife, his own mother passed away. His mother had what was called typhoid fever and Alice had a disease called chronic kidney infection which was caused from the pregnancy. He was then left alone with his new born daughter, Alice Lee. That same year, he signed a contract with the firm of Joseph Wood & Sons of Lawrence, Long Island, to build a home in Oyster Bay at the insistence of his sister Anna, who convinced him his daughter would need a home. He had originally planned the home with his wife Alice, and was planning to name it Leeholm in honor of her family name. The house was completed in 1885, and was named Sagamore Hill in honor of Sagamore Mohannis, the Indian Chief who used the hill as a meeting place and signed his people's rights to the land over to the settlers in the 1660s. In 1885, he published another book called the “Hunting Trips of a Ranchman”. On November 2, 1886, Abram S. Hewitt defeated Theodore Roosevelt as a Republican candidate for Mayor of New York City. Even after the unsuccessful campaign for Mayor he was finally appointed United States Civil Service Commissioner. He served as New York City’s Police Commissioner where he met and ended up marrying Edith Carow. One year later, he published another book called “Life of Thomas Hart Benton”. In 1887, Theodore Roosevelt and his wife Edith took residence at Sagamore Hill. They eventually had five children, Theodore (1887), Kermit (1889), Ethel Carow (1891), Archibald Bulloch (1894), and Quentin (1897). In 1888, Theodore published three books, “The Life of Gouverneur Morris”, “Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail”, and “Essays in Practical Politics”. He also...

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