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Theo 104 Db 2 Essay

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In order for outsiders to see Christians as the church, believers need to be more committed to God, be more compassionate when sharing their faith, and be more transparent to visitors. Without these qualities, the church can seem uninviting. As Towns explains, "God designed the church to be a place where interactive relationships help believers experience God" (108). How can visitors experience God's love if believers are not being more like Jesus? This is why it is so important to be aware, as believers, how outsiders view the church as a whole. With these thoughts in mind, the church can only improve.

A few ways, for believers to become more committed to God, is for them not to be caught up in the ...view middle of the document...

Towns informs, "The church is a flock that follows the Shepherd" (106). Daily attendance at a local church allows believers to grow in relationship with fellow believers. We were not meant to go through situations alone. The church is one body, with members of unique gifts. The church is suppose to help each other with whatever they need. Outsiders need to see that the church as generous.

When it comes to sharing the faith of Jesus, Christians can come off as too pushy at times. It is important to be compassionate and don't lecture. Outsiders need to feel valued and welcomed, or they will not return to the church. There needs to first be a relationship established, then a believer can gradually share their faith in Jesus. Towns explains, "True believers are looking fo a sense of family or oneness with other people" (100).

The church needs to remember to be transparent when it comes to visitors of the church. Christians are not going to be perfect and, we need to inform outsiders of the fact, in a loving way, of course. Outsiders often view Christians as "perfect", but that is not the truth. Christians strive to do what God wants, but they will sin in doing so. Only Jesus was perfect. By showing outsiders how to repent when sin occurs, may show them that they can be apart of God's family because they are not perfect as well.

As long as there are people on earth, the church is going to have conflict with the outside world. We are going to encounter different trials and tribulations. The Bible states, "when tribulation or persecution arises for the world's sake, immediately they stumble" (Mark 4:17). The church as a whole, needs to strive to overcome these moments with God's help.

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