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Then, Now & Later Essay

1268 words - 6 pages

Then, Now & Later



Then, Now & Later

Ashland, Ohio

Big involved family life

Parent’s divorce, Christian school

Was around bad influences & bad jobs

Getting married & having children

Get a degree, get a good job & continue my education to get a better job

Graduate, Get a great job to provide nice things for my family & pay for good schools for my children.

My bad experiences in my past & present have made my future hopeful. Some people might say that having a rough adolescence is unfortunate but I see my trails and errors as just a stepping stone to become a better person & have a more fulfilling life. If you ...view middle of the document...

I called him dad because he acted more like a dad then my father did. He owned a very popular & busy tire dealership in town. That being said He was able to pay for me to attend the local Christian school. My home life & social life with school were amazing until mid/late 6th grade year. Until one day I brought some odd candy to school the school didn’t like the appearance or name of the candy so they decided to run a drug test on it. It of course turned out to be pure sugar & coloring but the simple fact the there was a drug test performed had permanently damaged my good reputation. At this same time my mother & her 3rd husband decided to get a divorce. This was a turning point for the worse in my life.
Mom, my brother & I decided that this would be a good time to move to a large city to get a fresh start. Later that week our things were packed & we were off to Cincinnati, Ohio. My brother was in high school & already involved in drugs & alcohol so naturally I followed. Shortly after I made friends with people 15 years older than me & we created a production company that trespassed on old abandoned warehouses & through huge psychoactive substance parties there. Substances like caffeine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and alcohol affect consciousness, thought, perception, mood, or behavior. There was a lot of money & even more drugs. One morning I woke up with strangers holding guns on the border of Mexico. How my partner & I got there. I couldn’t tell you. I was 16 years old at this point & not remembering how I got there freaked me out so I backed off my half of the company for a while to clean my system out & regroup my life’s direction. I ended up getting a job & working 10 hours a day during the time I was in vocational school so when I did attend I could get out at 11am to work. I got very depressed from using all those drugs & needed more to get through every day. During all 4 years of high school I was either drunk or high on various drugs. I barely graduated. Once school was over I ended getting my own apartment & making ends meet working my job 10 hours a day was almost impossible. I was very unhappy in my life, my addiction to meth & my abusive...

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