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Theme Song For My Life Essay. Song=Linkin Park In The End. This Is An Essay In Which We Had To Choose Any Song And Relate It To Your Life. Hope It Helps Someone

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Theme Song of My LifeIn my life I don't want to spend all my time just trying to "get ahead". I mean I don't want all of my time to be spent working at a job I hate, trying to get promoted, solely for the purpose of money and sacrifice fun and happiness in their life. I am hoping to find a job that I love and I believe that if I do that then in the end everything will work out and I'll be happy with my life. I would rather have fun in life because life is short and I don't want to waste it. This is what the song "In the End" by Linkin Park is about and that is why I chose it.First they say, "Time is a valuable thing. Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. Watch it count down to the end of the day. The clock ticks life away.". This is just talking about ...view middle of the document...

Watch the time go right out the window". It sounds to me like he's looking back on his life and regretting things he hasn't done in life or just sitting around wasting his life. I believe that many people can remember a time in their life when they may have just sat around the house and done nothing. Looking back on this time one might feel that this is wasted time. I am one that feels this way and that is why this line has special meaning to me because some days I will just not do anything and later regret wasting valuable time that could be spent doing other "more important" things.Now the last line I will discuss is "I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter". He is looking back on his life and regretting spending all of his time trying to "get ahead", just to achieve wealth, or whatever else it might be, and sacrificing fun and happiness. While I think it is a good thing to be rich and successful in life, but I also believe that if you are not happy it is not worth it. To me happiness is more important than anything else in life and I think he wishes he would have just done something he loved and had fun in life instead of trying so hard to succeed that he is unhappy. This is why I can really relate to this line of the song.For these reasons I feel "In the End" is a very appropriate song for my life. After analyzing these lyrics I learned a lot about life in general. I never used to think about the words in a song until I received this assignment but now I have learned that much can be learned from a song. It is a form of poetry and from now on I will be more conscience of the meaning of songs rather then just the sound of the beat. If more people would listen to these words as I did I believe many of them could relate their life to this song in one way or another.

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